10 Facts about Divergent Boundaries

Thursday, September 22nd 2016. | Science

The linear feature which can be found between two tectonic plates is elaborated on Facts about Divergent Boundaries. The term divergent boundary is also recognized as extensional boundary, constructive boundary or divergent plate boundary. This term is very important in plate tectonic due its movement. Let’s find out other interesting facts about divergent boundaries below:

Facts about Divergent Boundaries 1: the rift valleys

The rift valleys are established because of the initial production rifts caused by the divergent boundaries located in the continents.

Facts about Divergent Boundaries 2: the mid-oceanic ridges

The mid-oceanic ridges are existed due to the active divergent plate boundaries spotted between the oceanic tectonic plates.

divergent boundaries pic

divergent boundaries pic

Facts about Divergent Boundaries 3: the volcanic islands

The people who study the volcanic islands must realize about the importance of divergent boundary. It causes the movement of the plates which establish gaps. Then it will be filled with molten lava which completes the volcanic island. Get facts about deep sea vents here.

Facts about Divergent Boundaries 4: the beneath area of divergent plate boundary

The beneath area of divergent plate boundary often features the material due to the complex convection in the mantle of earth.

divergent boundaries pictures

divergent boundaries pictures

Facts about Divergent Boundaries 5: the gap

When the two opposing plates are moving away from each other, the gap will be filled. It happens during the eruption.  

Facts about Divergent Boundaries 6: the movement of tectonic plates

The tectonic plates will shift from the sides of divergent plate boundary. It will reach hundreds of km for millions years.

facts about divergent boundaries

facts about divergent boundaries

Facts about Divergent Boundaries 7: the age of the rocks

The age the rocks located far away from the divergent boundary is older than that of the rocks located nearest the boundary even though both are in the similar plate. Check facts about convection here.

Facts about Divergent Boundaries 8: hotspots

The term hotspot is a phenomenon connected with the origin of the new divergent boundaries. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is probably originated due to the hotspot phenomenon. Now the system can be found in Iceland. Every year, the system is expanded.

divergent boundaries image

divergent boundaries image

Facts about Divergent Boundaries 9: the rifts

The rifts located at the oceanic ridge system characterize the presence divergent boundaries. It can be seen in the East African Great Rift Valley, East Pacific Rise and Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Facts about Divergent Boundaries 10: the earthquakes

The submarine earthquake is mostly caused by the fractures zones of divergent boundaries in the ridge system of oceans.

divergent boundary

divergent boundary

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