10 Facts about Djoser

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The following Facts about Djoser will tell the readers about an ancient pharaoh from Egypt during the Old Kingdom which took place in the third dynasty. His mother was queen Nimaathap, while his father was king Khasekhemwy. It is still not clear whether Djoser was the direct heir of the king. Djoser had two Hellenized names. Both were Sesorthos and Tosorthros. Check the other facts about Djoser by reading the following post below:

Facts about Djoser 1: the life-sized statue

Do you know that Djoser had a life-sized statue? Now it is housed inside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. You can visit the museum if you want to know this oldest known statue in Egypt. The limestone was painted.

Facts about Djoser 2: the discovery of the limestone statue

In 1924/1925, the statue of Djoser was discovered. The period was known as the Antiquities Service Excavations. The original site of the discovery now features a copy of the Djoser statue.

djoser face

djoser face

Facts about Djoser 3: Netjerikhet

Djoser is often called as Netjerikhet based on the contemporary inscriptions. The word means divine of body. There was a confirmation that Djoser and Netjerikhet was the similar person in a reference from New Kingdom.

Facts about Djoser 4: the queens of Djoser

It was believed that one of the queens of Djoser was Hetephernebti. The identification was made based on the fragment found on the region of a building located at Hermopolis.

djoser facts

djoser facts

Facts about Djoser 5: the daughter

The only daughter known of Djoser was Inetkawes. The name of the third royal female in the throne of Djoser was damaged.

Facts about Djoser 6: Sekhemkhet

Sekhemkhet was the successor of Djoser. However, the experts have not known their relationship. Moreover, there is no exact information related to his death. Get facts about ancient Egyptian life here.

djoser statue

djoser statue

Facts about Djoser 7: the reign of Djoser

There are different statements related to reign of Djoser. The Turin King List stated that Djoser was on the reign for 19 years. On the other hand, it was believed that Djoser reigned for 29 years based on the statement of Manetho.

Facts about Djoser 8: the opinions of the experts

Several scholars believe that Djoser must had been ruled Egypt for at least 30 years due to his various building projects at Saqqara.

djoser pictures

djoser pictures

Facts about Djoser 9: military expeditions

Djoser participated in many military expeditions when his people were passive. He had the campaigns to Sinai Peninsula.

Facts about Djoser 10: the step pyramid of Djoser

The step pyramid of Djoser is considered as the most notable monument of him. Find facts about ancient Egyptian mummies here.

facts about djoser

facts about djoser

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