10 Facts about Dwight Howard

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Facts about Dwight Howard will elaborate the ideas about the American professional basketball player. He was born on 8 December 1985. Now he plays in NBA for Atlanta Hawks. His full name is Dwight David Howard. When he was educated at Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, Howard had amazing high school career as a center. He was drafted by NBA in 2004. Orlando Magic selected him on the first draft.

Facts about Dwight Howard 1: the impressive record

Howard had impressive record as a basketball player. He became All-Defensive member for five times, All-NBA team selection for eight times, All-Star for eight times, and Defensive Player of the Year for three times.

Facts about Dwight Howard 2: the consistent performance

The performance of Howard in the field is always consistent in term of free throw attempts, field goal, blocks and rebounds.

Dwight Howard Pic

Dwight Howard Pic

Facts about Dwight Howard 3: the Orlando Magic

Howard won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 2008. He also contributed a lot to the Orlando Magic where he led the team to reach one conference title and three division titles. Find facts about Dwayne Johnson here.

Facts about Dwight Howard 4: the Olympics

Howard also participated in the Olympics in 2008 where the national basketball team earned a gold medal.

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard

Facts about Dwight Howard 5: the trade

In 2012, he moved to Los Angeles Lakers. In 2013, he went to the Rockets.

Facts about Dwight Howard 6: the birthplace and parents

The birthplace of Howard was located in Atlanta. His mother is Sheryl Howard, while his father is Dwight S.  He was from a family with strong sport.

Facts about Dwight Howard

Facts about Dwight Howard

Facts about Dwight Howard 7: who is his father?

Howard’s father holds the position as Athletic Direction in Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy.

Facts about Dwight Howard 8: guard position

Howard has great ability in his guard position even though he had large posture. Look at facts about Dwyane Wade here.

Dwight Howard Facts

Dwight Howard Facts

Facts about Dwight Howard 9: the second NBA campaign

Howard has additional 20 pounds of muscles in his body during the second campaign for NBA.

Facts about Dwight Howard 10: the improvement

Brian Hill, the coach of Orlando Magic believed that Howard should improve his defense and post-up game.

Dwight Howard Pictures

Dwight Howard Pictures

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