10 Facts about Domino’s

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Facts about Domino’s will tell the readers about the famous American pizza restaurant. Have you ordered the pizza from Domino’s? Pizza Hut still receives the record as the largest franchised pizza chain in the world. Domino’s takes the second place for it can be found in at least 81 countries in the world. In 1960s, the pizza restaurant was established in United States. The base of this company is located at Domino Farms Office Park in Michigan, United States. Let us check other interesting facts about Domino’s in the following post below:

Facts about Domino’s 1: DomiNick’s

A small pizza store DomiNick’s was purchased by Tom Monaghan and James, his brother in 1960. The pizza store was located in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Facts about Domino’s 2: the first franchise location

In 1967, the first franchise location of Domino’s Pizza was established. The company had opened at least 200 stores by 1978.

facts about dominos

facts about dominos

Facts about Domino’s 3: a lawsuit

There was a lawsuit between by Domino’s and Amstar Corporation, which produced Domino Sugar in 1975. The Amstar Corporation believed that Domino had performed unfair competition and trademark infringement. Domino’s Pizza was in favor during the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans on 2nd May 1980.

Facts about Domino’s 4: the first international store

The first international store of Domino’s was opened on 12th May 1983. The location of the store was in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

dominos pizza

dominos pizza

Facts about Domino’s 5: the number of stores

In 1983, Domino had its 1000th store. Another international store was opened in Luton, United Kingdom in 1985. The first store in Tokyo, Japan was opened in 1985. Domino’s also has a store in Haiti and Dominican Republic.

Facts about Domino’s 6: the number of the international stores

Domino has had stores in 1,000 international locations in the world by 1995. The 1,500th international location of Domino’s was opened in 1997.

dominos pictures

dominos pictures

Facts about Domino’s 7: Domino’s in India

Domino’s is very popular in India. There are 230 cities in the country, which feature 1004 stores of Domino’s as of 11th February 2016. Look at facts about Costco here.

Facts about Domino’s 8: the first restaurant in Italy

Italy is known as the birthplace of pizza. The first international store of Domino’s in Italy is located in Milan. It was opened on 5th October 2015.

dominos menu

dominos menu

Facts about Domino’s 9: the delivery style

In China, Domino’s promised their customers with a 30-minute delivery. The company preferred the traditional delivery style. However, it was failed because the traffic pattern was very busy.

Facts about Domino’s 10: Tom Monaghan

Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino has decided to retire in 1998. Check facts about Coca Cola here.

dominos facts

dominos facts

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