10 Facts about Dynamo

Wednesday, February 22nd 2017. | Technology

Facts about Dynamo inform the readers with a tool used for generating direct current. The primary component of the electrical generator is a commutator. The industry applied the usage of dynamos for producing power. Moreover, the design of a dynamo had inspired the scientists to create the future electric-power conversion devices. Those devices include the rotary converter, alternating-current alternator and electric motor. Let me show you other interesting facts about dynamo below:

Facts about Dynamo 1:  the present-day usage

Today, most people prefer to the simpler alternator for a number of reasons such as its affordable price, reliability and efficiency.

Facts about Dynamo 2: the drawback

Even though dynamo gives a number of benefits, it also has some drawbacks. However, it is affordable and effective. Check facts about  Look at facts about Alfred Nobel here.

Dynamo Facts

Dynamo Facts

Facts about Dynamo 3: Faraday’s law of induction

Faraday’s law of induction is applied in the design of dynamo. The direct electric current is produced from the mechanical rotation. In the electric dynamo, it will be converted by the magnetic fields and coils of wire.

Facts about Dynamo 4: the components of dynamo machine

Can you mention some components of dynamo machine? It consists of armature and stator. The latter one is a set of rotating windings. The former one is a stationary structure, which gives the constant magnetic field. Check facts about Dorris Lessing here.

facts about Dynamo

facts about Dynamo

Facts about Dynamo 5: the content of Faraday’s law of induction

Have you ever learned about Faraday’s law of induction? Let me remind you a bit about this law of physics. It is stated that the wire motion within the magnetic field will produce the electromotive force. Therefore, the wire has the electric current since the electrons in the metal are pushed.

Facts about Dynamo 6: the small and large machines

One or more electromagnets are used to provide the constant magnetic fields for the large machine. On the other hand, one or more permanent magnets are used for the magnetic fields in smaller machines.



Facts about Dynamo 7: the invention of dynamo

The purpose for inventing a dynamo was to replace the usage of batteries. It applies the rotary switch for the commutator.

Facts about Dynamo 8: the term

The term magnetoes or magneto-electric machines were used to call the early dynamos equipped with permanent magnets.

Dynamo Part

Dynamo Part

Facts about Dynamo 9: the electromagnets

The field coil or electromagnets are proven to generate more power on the dynamos.

Facts about Dynamo 10: the first dynamo

Hippolyte Pixii was a French instrument maker who built the first dynamo in 1832 which applied the law of Faraday.

Dynamo Image

Dynamo Image

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