10 Facts about Ecosystem

Tuesday, April 25th 2017. | Biology

Facts about Ecosystem talk about the environment and living organisms.  The interaction occurs between the non-living elements such as mineral soil, water and air with the living organisms, which represents a unique system. The relationship between the energy flows and nutrient cycles are spotted by their relationship with the biotic and abiotic components. The abiotic components include the soil mineral, nitrogen, water and energy. The sunlight is considered as the primary energy flowing into the ecosystem. The carbon will be captured by the plants during the photosynthetics process to produce food and oxygen. Let me show you other interesting facts about ecosystem by reading the following post below:

Facts about Ecosystem 1: the importance of animals

If you think that animals are not important in the ecosystem, you are wrong. The movement of energy and matter in the ecosystem is also contributed by the animals.

Facts about Ecosystem 2:  the role of decomposers

Can you define the role of decomposers? The dead organism matters will be broken down by the decomposers to release the carbon to the atmosphere. Thus, the nutrient found in the dead matter will be cycled.

Ecosystem Facts

Ecosystem Facts

Facts about Ecosystem 3: the factors

There are two major types of factors, which control the ecosystem. Both are the internal and external factors.

Facts about Ecosystem 4: the external factors

Can you tell me the external factors, which affect the ecosystem? They include the soil, climate, potential biota, time and topography. Check facts about DNA here.

Ecosystem Pic

Ecosystem Pic

Facts about Ecosystem 5:  the dynamic entities

Ecosystem is not a static entity. It is dynamic. The disturbance might occur to change the characteristics of ecosystem. There is no need to wonder that the ecosystem in the world contains different plants, animals and other species of living organisms.

Facts about Ecosystem 6: the internal factors

The internal factors, which control the ecosystem, include types of species, shading, competition between species and decomposition process.



Facts about Ecosystem 7: the importance of ecosystem

Ecosystem is very important to support the life of people due to the presence of a wide array of services and goods.

Facts about Ecosystem 8: how to maintain ecosystem

Human beings have to maintain ecosystem dan manage the natural resources. Find facts about DNA Structure here.

Ecosystem Image

Ecosystem Image

Facts about Ecosystem 9: the production of oxygen

The production of oxygen is at the hand of plants by using the process of photosynthesis.

Facts about Ecosystem 10: climate

The types of species found in the ecosystem are determined by the climate. The seasonal temperature and rainfall patterns will decide the amount of water and supply of energy found in a particular ecosystem.

Facts about Ecosystem

Facts about Ecosystem

What do you think on facts about ecosystem?

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