10 Facts about Edmund Randolph

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Facts about Edmund Randolph tell us about the American attorney who served as the first Attorney General of United States. He was born on 10th August 1753 and died on 12 September 1813. His full name is Edmund Jennings Randolph. The important position that he held during his life included the 7th Governor of Virginia and 2nd Secretary of State. Edmund was from the prominent Randolph family who lived in Colony of Virginia in Williamsburg. If you are curious to know more about Edmund Randolph, check the below post:

Facts about Edmund Randolph 1: education

Randolph attended College of William and Mary during his early years. His father was John Randolph, while Peyton Randolph was his uncle who taught him on how to read law.

Facts about Edmund Randolph 2: American Revolution

His father was a loyalist during the American Revolution in 1775. He decided to come back to Great Britain. On the other hand, Edmund was an aide-de-camp for Washington in the continental army.

Edmund Randolph Grave

Edmund Randolph Grave

Facts about Edmund Randolph 3: the death of his uncle

In October 1775, Peyton Randolph passed away. He became the executor of the state by coming back to Virginia.  He represented the Fourth Virginia Convention. Then he took higher post as mayor Williamsburg. In the newly formed government of United States, Randolph served as the attorney general.

Facts about Edmund Randolph 4: marriage

On 29th August 1776, Randolph and Elizabeth Nicholas married. His father-in-law was Robert C. Nicholas. Peyton Randolph was his son who served as the Governor of Virginia in 1811 until 1812. Check facts about Edouard Manet here.

Edmund Randolph Facts

Edmund Randolph Facts

Facts about Edmund Randolph 5: as a delegate

He became a delegate, which represented Virginia during 1779 Continental Congress. During the period, Randolph still practiced law privately.

Facts about Edmund Randolph 6: Governor of Virginia

In 1786, Randolph earned the post as the Governor of Virginia.

Facts about Edmund Randolph

Facts about Edmund Randolph

Facts about Edmund Randolph 7: John Marshall

John Marshall was selected by Randolph as his student. Then he became Randolph’s law partner. When he became a governor, Randolph had his law practice.

Facts about Edmund Randolph 8: the new national government

Randolph presented an outline for a new national government with his Virginia Plan. He supported the powerful central government. Look at facts about Bill of Rights here.

Edmund Randolph

Edmund Randolph

Facts about Edmund Randolph 9: Attorney General

In September 1789, Randolph became the first attorney general of United States.  The dispute between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson would be solved with neutrality.

Facts about Edmund Randolph 10: the famous case

The famous case that Randolph dealt was when he defended Aaron Burr in 1807 for treason.

Edmund Randolph Signature

Edmund Randolph Signature

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