10 Facts about a Laser Cutter

Saturday, May 21st 2016. | Technology

If you want to know a technology which uses laser cut materials, check Facts about a Laser Cutter. This tool is mostly used by major manufacturers and industries. Today, the hobbyists, small business and school begin to use laser cutter. The high power laser will be applied to do the cutting process. Let’s find other interesting facts about a laser cutter below:

Facts about a Laser Cutter 1: the motion control system

The motion control system is applied during cutting process. It will follow the pattern established by G-Code and CNC onto the material.

Facts about a Laser Cutter 2: the function of industrial laser cutter

The laser cutter is used in the industries to cut various materials such as piping, structural and flat steel material.

Laser Cutter Facts

Laser Cutter Facts

Facts about a Laser Cutter 3: the first laser cutting machine

The first laser cutter was used to cut flat material. The diamond dies were drilled using this machine in 1965 to create a hole.

Facts about a Laser Cutter 4: who made the first laser cutter?

Western Electric Engineering Research Center created the first laser cutter. Then the industries could cut metals after the invention of oxygen jet laser cutter in 1967.

Laser Cutter Images

Laser Cutter Images

Facts about a Laser Cutter 5: the titanium

The titanium used for aerospace industries was cut by using the technology discovered in a laser cutter. The tool was produced in the beginning of 1970s.

Facts about a Laser Cutter 6: another type of laser cutter

Then the usage of laser cutter was expanded. The textiles and other non metal materials can be cut using CO2 laser cutter.

a Laser Cutter Pic

a Laser Cutter Pic

Facts about a Laser Cutter 7: the high power

The power to operate a laser cutter is very high. It needs around 6000 watts to use the new laser cutter. The thick materials such as steel plate can be cut using this plasma tool. However, the industries have to pay higher cost. Get facts about CPU here.

Facts about a Laser Cutter 8: the laser types

Laser cutting is available in three types. Those are Nd-YAG laser, CO2 laser, and neodymium laser. The former one is applied for engraving and boring with a very high power. You can do engraving, boring and cutting using CO2 laser. Nd laser is employed for boring.

Facts about a Laser Cutter

Facts about a Laser Cutter

Facts about a Laser Cutter 9:CO2 laser cutters

The CO2 laser cutters are available in several variants. Those are slab, transverse flow, slow axial flow and fast axial flow. Find facts about CSS here.

Facts about a Laser Cutter 10: the materials cut by CO2 laser

Stainless steel, mild steel, wax, paper, taskboard, fabrics, wood, plastic, titanium and aluminum are some materials cut by using CO2 laser.

Blue Laser Cutter

Blue Laser Cutter

Are you impressed after reading facts about a laser cutter?

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