10 Facts about African Pottery

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If you want to know one of the most popular African crafts, you have to check out Facts about African Pottery.  The first pottery in Africa was created from clay. It was made in 6000 BC. You can find similarities when checking the pottery in Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan. Get more facts about African pottery by reading the following post below:

Facts about African Pottery 1: The pottery in West Africa

The potters of Yoruba and Nok from West Africa created unique potteries. They made big potteries which looked similar with the shape of large clay sculpture in 400 BC.

Facts about African Pottery 2: North African potters

The Roman potteries gave the inspirations for the North African potters in 75 AD.  They imitated the Roman potteries and began to sell the products in West Asia, Europe and Mediterranean regions.

African Pottery Art

African Pottery Art

Facts about African Pottery 3: the popularity of African pottery

The African potteries were more favorable than the Roman pottery in 100 AD. Therefore, many Roman potters closed down their business. Do you know that the Roman Empire’s cups and clay plates were created by North African people at that time?

Facts about African Pottery 4: Congo and pottery

The potters in Congo produced their own pottery style in the early 900 AD. Find out facts about African art here.

African Pottery Clay

African Pottery Clay

Facts about African Pottery 5: North African pottery factories

North African pottery factories were established due to the high demand of potteries while the potters in Roman Empire collapsed. In the end of 600s AD, the North American potters began to imitate the Chinese potteries.  The North African potteries were available in many colors. They used glass glazes and metal to make the pottery unique and beautiful. Get facts about African pattern here.

Facts about African Pottery 6: the oldest pottery in Africa

The oldest pottery in Africa was discovered by Swiss archeologist in Central Mali in 2007.  It is estimated that the pottery was dated back in 9,500 BC.

African Pottery Pictures

African Pottery Pictures

Facts about African Pottery 7: Egyptian pottery

If you compare Egyptian pottery, you can see a unique look.  This country developed the non clay based ceramic. This pottery then was called Egyptian faience.

Facts about African Pottery 8: pottery

Pottery is included as one of the valuable archeological items in Africa because the cultures in the continent are in oral traditional.

African Pottery

African Pottery

Facts about African Pottery 9: methodologies

There are three methods that the people in Sub Saharan Africa used to create potteries. The first one is the technique of fashioning and molding the clay. The next one is the technique associated with the material. The last one is the technique which is visible to our eyes. It can include post daring, firing and decoration technique.

Facts about African Pottery 10: the patterns of African pottery

The pattern of African potteries depends on the country. You can find different patterns on the potteries in Egypt and Congo.

Facts about African Pottery

Facts about African Pottery

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