10 Facts about Air Resistance

Friday, December 5th 2014. | Physics

Here are some interesting Facts about Air Resistance.  Many people often call it fluid friction. Can you tell me the occurrence of air resistance?  It happens between the surface of a falling object and the air. If you want to know the direction and factors affecting air resistance, check out the following post below:

Facts about Air Resistance 1: direction of straight object

The air resistance comes in up direction when it acts on the falling down object. The gravity will push the object down, but the air resistance pushes the object up.

Facts about Air Resistance 2: left or right direction

To find out the direction of an air resistance, you have to check out the direction of their falling object.  The air resistance works on the opposite direction when the object falls right or left.

Air resistance and force

Air resistance and force

Facts about Air Resistance 3: factors

The air resistance is affected two factors. Both are shape and size. If the surface area is bigger, the air resistance is also bigger.

Facts about Air Resistance 4: experiment with air resistance

You can do an experiment if you want to know the air resistance. You can pick one flat paper and one crumpled paper. Since the crumpled paper has small surface, it falls faster. If the surface is small, the air resistance is also small.

Air resistance Pic

Air resistance Pic

Facts about Air Resistance 5: gravity or air resistance?

Which one is bigger, air resistance or gravity? Air resistance is smaller compared to the gravity. Since gravity is bigger, it always wins over the air resistance.

Facts about Air Resistance 6: the speed

When the speed is increased, the drag or air resistance is also increased.

Air resistance Pictures

Air resistance Pictures

Facts about Air Resistance 7: free fall

When an object is in a free fall state, the only force applied on the object is only the gravity force.

Facts about Air Resistance 8: terminal velocity

Terminal velocity is another term that people should understand when they learn about air resistance.  When an object stops accelerating because of air acceleration, you can call it terminal velocity. The object will fall at a constant speed even though it continues to fall down.

Air resistance

Air resistance

Facts about Air Resistance 9: astronauts

The astronauts will never fall their heads on the ceiling when the shuttle falls because the shuttle and the astronauts are in free fall state. FInd out facts about aerospace engineering here.

Facts about Air Resistance 10: accelerating

If there was no air resistance, all objects will accelerate to earth in the speed at 9.8 m/s/s.

Facts about Air resistance

Facts about Air resistance

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