10 Facts about Aerospace Engineering

Saturday, November 22nd 2014. | Technology

If you are interested with spacecrafts and aircrafts, you have to check out Facts about Aerospace Engineering. Aerospace engineering makes you involve learning the design, research, construction, technology, science, and development of spacecrafts and aircraft. Here are some amazing aerospace engineering facts:

Facts about Aerospace Engineering 1: branches of aerospace engineering

The discipline is divided in two branches. Both are the astronautically engineering and aeronautical engineering.  Both branches are not easy to define since both are often overlapping each other.

Facts about Aerospace Engineering 2: astronautics and Aeronautics

Let’s try to differentiate Aeronautics and astronautics. If you want to learn about the spacecraft operating outside the atmosphere of earth, you can check out astronautics.  If the aircrafts are operated in the atmosphere of earth, you have to deal with aeronautics.

Aerospace Engineering Field

Aerospace Engineering Field

Facts about Aerospace Engineering 3: Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

One of the founders of Aerospace engineering is Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.  The field gains a lot of attention from the world after it launched the first man in space, the first artificial satellite and the first step on moon.

Facts about Aerospace Engineering 4: what to deals in aerospace engineering?

There are several items that people have to deal if they decide to learn this field. They will find out the science behind the physical properties of spacecrafts, flying crafts, rockets and aircrafts. They have to know the way to construct and design those properties.

Aerospace Engineering Science

Aerospace Engineering Science

Facts about Aerospace Engineering 5: other properties

Other properties that you have to learn in Aerospace engineering include the drag, life, aerodynamics, air foils and control surface. Find out facts about aerodynamics here.

Facts about Aerospace Engineering 6: the original term

Actually aerospace engineering is not the original term for this field. It was called aeronautical engineering. Since the field is getting broader, people use the new term by calling the field as an aerospace engineering. Some people often call it as rocket science.

Aerospace Engineering Pic

Aerospace Engineering Pic

Facts about Aerospace Engineering 7: complexity

Aerospace engineering is very complex. There are a lot of disciplines involved when people want to create the components of aerospace vehicles. The people have to know the material, avionics, propulsion, aerodynamics and many more.

Facts about Aerospace Engineering 8: the job of Aerospace engineers

Can you tell me the job of Aerospace engineers? They are responsible to test, supervise, check and design the manufacturing process of missiles, spacecrafts, rockets and aircrafts. Check out facts about aeroplanes here.

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Facts about Aerospace Engineering 9: Sir George Cayley

Sir George Cayley is called as the first person who could separate the forces of drag and lift. He was a pioneer in this field.

Facts about Aerospace Engineering 10: Wright brothers

Do you still remember Wright brothers? Both bothers had the first successful flight which set the development of aeronautical engineering.

Facts about Aerospace Engineering

Facts about Aerospace Engineering

Do you want to add more facts about aerospace engineering?

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