10 Facts about Alkalis

Saturday, December 27th 2014. | Chemistry

Let me show you the interesting Facts about Alkalis in the following post below. Alkali is one of the important topics to discuss in chemistry. We can define it as the basic ionic salt of an alkali earth metal or an alkali metal.  Others define the alkali as a base which dissolves if you mix it with water.   Check the following post below if you want to know more about alkali:

Facts about Alkalis 1: pH

If you check a soluble base, the pH is bigger than 7.0.  The word alkali is taken from the Arabic language. It is al qaliy. The word means the calcined ashes. Get facts about acid and alkali here.

Facts about Alkalis 2: potash

Potash is the water extract that people can get from the burned plant ashes.  It has the mildly basic which is composed from the potassium carbonate. People can produce potassium hydroxide or caustic potash when the potassium carbonate is heated with calcium hydroxide.



Facts about Alkalis 3: Caustic potash

Caustic potash has a lot of benefits. When it is mixed with animal fats, people can produce soft soaps during the process of saponification.

Facts about Alkalis 4: Arrhenius bases

All alkalis that you can find out earth are included in Arrhenius bases. When they are dissolved in the water, they will form OH- or hydroxide ions.

Alkalis Colors

Alkalis Colors

Facts about Alkalis 5: characteristics of alkali

All alkalis have the pH at 7.1 or bigger.  The concentrated solutions of alkali can create chemical burns because they are caustic.

Facts about Alkalis 6: soapy and slippery substance

After alkali experiences the process of saponification, the solution is very soapy and slippery. It is due to the fatty substance which creates soapy and slipper effect.

Alkalis Pic

Alkalis Pic

Facts about Alkalis 7: water soluble

Most alkalis are water soluble. It means that they can be mixed with water easily. However, you can only use acidic aqueous solution when you want to react barium carbonate.

Facts about Alkalis 8: the common examples of alkali salts

The common examples of alkali salt include potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide and lye.



Facts about Alkalis 9: Alkaline soil

If you find out a soil which has the pH greater than 7.3, you can include it as alkaline soil. The presence of alkali salt is very high which makes the soil less favorable for vegetables. Most plants select the mild acidic soil. Find out facts about acids and bases  here.

Facts about Alkalis 10: Alkali lakes

The examples of alkali lakes that you can find in the world are Lake Magadi in Kenya, Alkali Lake, Lake County, Oregon, Redberry Lake, Saskatchewan, and Lake Turkana in Kenya.

Facts about Alkalis

Facts about Alkalis

Are you impressed with facts about alkalis?

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