10 Facts about Calcium

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Let’s talk about the chemical element which has the symbol Ca in Facts about Calcium. The report states that calcium is considered as the 5th most abundant element on the earth crust if you check it by mass.  In the periodic table, it has the atomic number at 20.  The alkaline earth metal has the soft gray color. Check more interesting facts about calcium below:

Facts about Calcium 1: the reactive element

Calcium is considered as a reactive element if it occurs in the nature as free calcium metal.

Facts about Calcium 2: calcium’s production

The report also finds out that calcium is produced when the massive stars are at the end of their life and explode.

Calcium Facts

Calcium Facts

Facts about Calcium 3: the importance of calcium for living organism

Calcium is considered as an important element for the living organisms. It is used for the mineralization for shells, teeth and bone.

Facts about Calcium 4: the chemical calcium

Calcium is included as a metal in the period table. It is soft even though you have to end up in difficulty when you cut it using a knife. If you compare it with lead, it is harder.

facts about Calcium

facts about Calcium

Facts about Calcium 5: the electrolysis

The electrolysis process is very important for the people who want to extract calcium from calcium chloride. If calcium is exposed to the air and react with nitrogen and oxygen, it will form the gray white coating.

Facts about Calcium 6: the reaction of calcium with water

You can produce the hydrogen gas when you react water and calcium metal.  However, the reaction is not rapid. If you want the rapid reaction, you can react water with the calcium in powdered form. The reaction is faster because the large amount of the surface area of calcium.



Facts about Calcium 7: the density

Calcium has the density at 1.54 gram per cm3. In the alkaline earth metal, it has the lightest one. Get Aspartame facts here.

Facts about Calcium 8: calcium in human body

If we talk about calcium as nutrition for human being, it is considered as the fifth most abundant element. You can get the tart juices mixed with soluble calcium salt.

Calcium Food

Calcium Food

Facts about Calcium 9: the bone

The bone is filled with calcium too. The people who have low amount of calcium in the bone can end up having osteoporosis. Find Caesium facts here.

Facts about Calcium 10: the usage of calcium

Calcium is used for various purposes such as to create cheese, mortars or even cements. The extraction of metals like thorium, zirconium and uranium can be conducted using calcium as the reducing agent.

Calcium Pic

Calcium Pic

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