10 Facts about Alveoli

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Let me show you one of the important parts of the respiratory organ in Facts about Alveoli. Alveoli are considered as the plural form of Alveolus. You can use the word to call the anatomy for the hollow cavities inside the body. The hollow cavities are the empty areas inside a body.  Find out more alveoli facts in the following explanation:

Facts about Alveoli 1: different types of alveoli

Do you that know there are many types of alveoli in the body? But we often refer this word to describe and define the small air sacs located in the lungs. Most mammals have alveoli in the lungs.

Facts about Alveoli 2: pulmonary alveoli

What are pulmonary alveoli? You can find them at the end of air passageways of the lung.

Alveoli Facts

Alveoli Facts

Facts about Alveoli 3: characteristics

Let’s find out the characteristics of alveoli. They have the wet walls, but they are very thin. They only have one cell thick. You can find a network of small blood vessels or capillaries around the alveoli.

Facts about Alveoli 4: the functions

The mammals that have alveoli on the lugs can enjoy great respiratory system.  It allows the gasses to move across and diffuse on the alveolus surface.

Alveoli Image

Alveoli Image

Facts about Alveoli 5: breathing

The concentration of oxygen in the red blood cells is smaller if you compare it with the concentration of oxygen in alveoli when a mammal breathes the air. The opposite condition applies when a mammal breathes out.

Facts about Alveoli 6: the concentration of carbon dioxide

The mammals inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. The concentration of carbon dioxide is higher in the red blood cells than in the alveoli. When the mammals exhale, the carbon dioxide will leave the red blood cells and go to the alveolus. Find out facts about aging here if you want to know the breathing system of old people.

Alveoli Lung

Alveoli Lung

Facts about Alveoli 7: the number of alveoli

Can you guess the number of alveoli inside the human lung? The scientific report states that we have at least 480 million alveoli in the lung.

Facts about Alveoli 8: the total; surface area

The total surface area for the whole alveoli inside the human lung is around 75 square meters.

Alveoli Parts

Alveoli Parts

Facts about Alveoli 9: a gas exchange

Based on the explanation above, we can conclude that a gas exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide occurs inside alveoli.

Facts about Alveoli10: animals, human and plant

The gas exchange is not only associated with human being and animals, but also on plants during the photosynthetic process.

Facts about Alveoli

Facts about Alveoli

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