10 Facts about Ancient Egypt Gods

Wednesday, January 21st 2015. | Religion

If you are interested to know Facts about Ancient Egypt Gods, you have to check out the following explanation below. There are more than 2,000 names of gods in Egypt.  Some of the gods are depicted with human body. The head is depicted in animal or bird. The depiction of animal is used to show the power or attributes of the god. Get more facts about it below:

Facts about Ancient Egypt Gods 1: the cat

The cat was considered sacred in Egyptian culture. The ancient people believed that it was the incarnation of the goddess Bastet or Bast. This god was considered as the protector of the childbirth and women. She was also considered as the loving goddess who liked dance and music.

Facts about Ancient Egypt Gods 2: Anubis

Anubis was the considered the god of mummification. When the priest did the process of mummification, they wore the mask representing the Anubis. This god guided the dead people into Osiris.

Ancient Egypt God Facts

Ancient Egypt God Facts

Facts about Ancient Egypt Gods 3: The Sun God

The famous god in ancient Egypt was Ra. He was considered as the leader of all gods. The body was in human form. The head resembled a falcon head.  It was crowned with a sun disk and a sacred cobra.

Facts about Ancient Egypt Gods 4: ‘Barque of Millions of Years’

‘Barque of Millions of Years’ was the name of the boat of Ra. He used the boat to sail around the heaven.

Ancient Egypt God Images

Ancient Egypt God Images

Facts about Ancient Egypt Gods 5:Amun-Ra

In the ancient Egypt, the god Amun was combined with Ra. They were called Amun-Ra. They had more power. Get Amun facts here.

Facts about Ancient Egypt Gods 6: the gods in Egypt

As I have stated before, there were 2000 gods in Egypt. But all of them were not the national gods.  Most of them were worshiped by the local gods.  The ancient people worshiped them for more than 3000 years.

Ancient Egypt God Sclupture

Ancient Egypt God Sculpture

Facts about Ancient Egypt Gods 7: the male and female gods

The female gods were painted with yellow skin. The color was used to indicate the indoor lifestyle. The male gods were depicted with dark reddish brown skin color.

Facts about Ancient Egypt Gods 8: the living gods

The pharaohs of Egypt were called the living gods.

Ancient Egypt God

Ancient Egypt God

Facts about Ancient Egypt Gods 9: Book of the Dead

The guide to the underworld was written in the Book of the Dead.  It contained the collection of spells which protected the dead when they were in the underworld.

Facts about Ancient Egypt Gods 10: Osiris

Osiris was the god of the death, underworld and Rebirth. It was depicted with Green skin.

Facts about Ancient Egypt Gods

Facts about Ancient Egypt Gods

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