10 Facts about Confucianism

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Facts about Confucianism talk about a type of religion based on the teaching of Confucius.  He was a Chinese philosopher who lived in 551 until 478 BC.  The history and culture that you can find on East Asia were influenced by the social, moral, philosophical or even political belief of Confucius.  This philosopher was often called as Kong Fuzi or even Master Kong. Let’s find other interesting facts about Confucianism below:

Facts about Confucianism 1: who was Confucius?

Before we talk about Confucianism, we should know about the Confucius. He was raised in poverty. He was born in Lu, Shantung Province. When he was very young, he lost his father. He was taught by his mother.

Facts about Confucianism 2: the marriage

Before Confucius married, he worked as a bookkeeper and a stable manager. When he was 19 years old, he decided to get married.

Confucianism Facts

Confucianism Facts

Facts about Confucianism 3: the six arts

Music, archery, calligraphy, arithmetic, ritual and charioteering were the six arts taught by Confucius. Poetry and history also caught the attention of Confucius.

Facts about Confucianism 4: the ideas of Confucius

Confucius had ideas about education, society, politics and morals. He tried to show the ideas to the government. But they were not interested with his ideas.

Facts about Confucianism

Facts about Confucianism

Facts about Confucianism 5: leaving the country

After his ideas were rejected, he decided to try the feudal state which would acknowledge his ideas. He lived in exile in the next 12 years. He spent his time teaching and learning his ideas.  He came back to his home at the age of 67 years old.

Facts about Confucianism 6: the practice of Confucianism

The practice of Confucianism can be seen mainly in China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam.  But there are some people who live in North America practicing Confucianism.

Confucianism teaching

Confucianism teaching

Facts about Confucianism 7: the idea in Confucianism

Let’s find out the main idea in Confucianism. It tells the people to live in honesty and moral virtue. Moreover, it also encourages the people to have the ideal social relationship. Find facts about Christianity here.

Facts about Confucianism 8: the virtues in Confucianism

There are five virtues in Confucianism. The first one is Ren. It focuses on the benevolence or humaneness.



Facts about Confucianism 9: the other virtues

Yi is the second virtue in Confucianism. It focuses on the honesty and righteousness. Li is the third virtue. It talks about propriety and proper behavior. Get facts about Confirmation here.

Facts about Confucianism 10:  the fourth and fifth virtues

Zhi is the fourth virtue, it means wisdom or knowledge. The last one is Xin which teaches people to focus on the fidelity or sincerity.

Confucianism in China

Confucianism in China

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