10 Facts about Angela Davis

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Facts about Angela Davis tell you about the famous American political activist, author, and scholar. She was born as Angela Yvonne Davis on 26 January 1944. In 1960s, she gained the prominence after she became the leader of Communist Party USA. She was known as a counterculture activist and radical at that time. Here are other facts about Angela Davis for you:

Facts about Angela Davis 1: Black Panther Party

Angel Davis had a good relationship with Black Panther Party. It is due to the fact that she shared value during the civil right movement. However, Davis was not a party member.

Facts about Angela Davis 2: the prisoner right

As I have stated before Angel Davis was an activist. One of the main issues that she concerned a lot was the prisoner’s right. She wanted to abolish the prison industrial complex by establishing an organization named Critical Resistance. Find out another politician in Alfred Deakin facts.

Angela Davis Facts

Angela Davis Facts

Facts about Angela Davis 3: the early job

Before she was involved a lot with activism and movement, she was a director of Feminist Studies Department and professor of History of Consciousness Department in University of California, Santa Cruz.

Facts about Angela Davis 4: Marin County courtroom

When we talk about a Marin County courtroom, people always remember how Davis was arrested and charged for conspiracy in 1970s. Get facts about Andrew Cuomo here.

Angela Davis Image

Angela Davis Image

Facts about Angela Davis 5: research

Angel Davis was also a scholar. She liked to make researches which focused on the critical theory, African American studies, feminism, popular music, history of punishment and prison, Marxism and social consciousness.

Facts about Angela Davis 6: Ronald Reagan’s request

In 1969, Ronald Reagan requested the University of California to dismiss her from teaching in the university due to her membership in Communist Party.

Angela Davis Pin

Angela Davis Pin

Facts about Angela Davis 7: Vice President Candidate

1980s, Davis was selected twice as the candidate for vice president in the communist party USA.

Facts about Angela Davis 8: the early life

Angela Davis was born in Birmingham, Alabama.  Her place of living was involved with racial conflict. She and her family lived in Dynamite Hill. But she could spend her time in New York City with friends.

Angela Davis

Angela Davis

Facts about Angela Davis 9: Ben Davis

Ben Davis was her famous brother.  In the end of 1960s and the beginning of 1970s, he was the defensive back for Cleveland browns and Detroit Lions.

Facts about Angela Davis 10: siblings

Angela had other siblings besides Ben Davis. Both were Fania Davis Jordan and Reginald Davis.

Facts about Angela Davis

Facts about Angela Davis

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