10 Facts about Asthenosphere

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Facts about Asthenosphere talk about the region located at the upper mantle of earth. The depth of Asthenosphere is between ˜ 50 and ˜ 124 miles or between ˜80 and ˜200 km. Asthenosphere is situated below the lithosphere. LAB is an important term used to call the boundary between Asthenosphere and lithosphere. If you check the texture of Asthenosphere, most regions are in solid form. However, some of them can be melted. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Asthenosphere in the below post:

Facts about Asthenosphere 1: the temperature of Asthenosphere

The temperature is very important to define the thickness of Asthenosphere. If you want to know the lower boundary of Asthenosphere, it is not easy since it cannot be defined by the scientists since the thickness is influenced by the temperature.

Facts about Asthenosphere 2: the depth

The depth of Asthenosphere is different in some regions.  It can reach 430 miles or 700 km depth in some regions.

Asthenosphere Facts

Asthenosphere Facts

Facts about Asthenosphere 3: the influence

The presence of Asthenosphere affects the way our planet moves. The isostatic adjustments and tectonic movement are influenced by the Asthenosphere.

Facts about Asthenosphere 4: the upper part

Can you guess the things located at the upper part of Asthenosphere? It is the home to the brittle and rigid lithospheric plates.



Facts about Asthenosphere 5: the ductile rocks

Most rocks are hard and rigid. But they become ductile when the rock texture is affected by the pressure and temperature condition of Asthenosphere.

Facts about Asthenosphere 6: the occurrence of Asthenosphere

In 1926, the scientists began to suspect the presence of Asthenosphere.  But the analysis of earthquakes waves which took place on 22 May 1960 called as 9.5 MW Great Chilean earthquake recognized the occurrence of Asthenosphere globally.

Facts about Asthenosphere

Facts about Asthenosphere

Facts about Asthenosphere 7: the layers of earth

Actually the earth consists of several layers. The crust or lithosphere is up to 50 kilometers. The upper mantle of Asthenosphere is located around 100 to 250 kilometers.  The mantle is mesosphere. It is around 600-2,500 kilometer. The outer core is 3,000 to 5,000 kilometer, while the inner core is located 5,000 till 6,000 kilometer.

Facts about Asthenosphere 8: the temperature

In normal condition, Asthenosphere has the temperature around 1,400 degree C to 3,000 degree C.

Pic of Asthenosphere

Pic of Asthenosphere

Facts about Asthenosphere 9: the movement of tectonic plates

The movement of tectonic plates is caused by Asthenosphere.  It can lead into some geological conditions such as rift valleys, formation of mountain, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Get Atacama desert facts here.

Facts about Asthenosphere 10: low velocity zone

You can call Asthenosphere as low velocity zone because the seismic waves move in this layer.

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