10 Facts about Australia

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Facts about Australia tell you about an Oceanic country in the world. The official name of the country is the commonwealth of Australia.  It consists of the island of Tasmania, Australian continent and other smaller islands. Based on the total area, it takes the sixth largest country in the world.   Indonesia, East Timor, a New Zealand, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands are included as the neighboring countries of Australia:

Facts about Australia 1: the indigenous Australia

Australia is the home of the indigenous Australians who have lived here for more than 40,000 years. In 18th century, the first British settlement was established in Australia. Get facts about aboriginal history here.

Facts about Australia 2: the claim by Britain

In 1770, the eastern half of Australia was claimed by Great Britain.  On 26 January 1788, the colony of New South Wales was established.



Facts about Australia 3: the commonwealth of Australia

The commonwealth of Australia was established after the six colonies federated on 1 January 1901.

Facts about Australia 4: the population

Australia was the home of 23.6 million people. Most of them live on the coast and eastern states of the country. Get facts about Australian animals here.



Facts about Australia 5: the economy

The economy of Australia is great. It takes the 12 position of the largest economy in the world. It is also included in the fifth place of highest per capital income in 2012.

Facts about Australia 6: the organization

Australia follows several international organizations such as ANZUS, United Nations, G20, World Trade Organization, Pacific Islands Forum, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and Commonwealth of Nations.

Facts about Australia

Facts about Australia

Facts about Australia 7: the culture

The culture in Australia is separated in two types.   The influence of Anglo-Celtic western culture has been very strong since 1788. But you can also see the presence of the indigenous culture here.

Facts about Australia 8: the rock art

One of the most important types of arts in Australia is the rock art. It was dated back 60,000 years ago. There is no need to wonder that this art is considered as the richest and oldest one in the world.

Australian Federation

Australian Federation

Facts about Australia 9: the contemporary indigenous Australia art

The contemporary indigenous Australian art can be seen in the traditional stories, patterns and designs.

Facts about Australia 10: the cuisine

Some of the iconic Australian foods include meat pies, Vegemite, and lamingtons.

Australia Facts

Australia Facts

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