10 Facts about Bacterial Cells

Thursday, April 30th 2015. | Science

Facts about Bacterial Cells tell you about the structure of the bacteria. This one celled microorganism is included the large domain of the prokaryotic living things. The shape of bacteria includes spiral, rod and sphere. This animal is considered as one of the first life forms which inhabit earth. You can find them living in radioactive waste, water, acidic hot spring, soil and many more. If you are interested to find out the cell structure of bacteria, check the interesting post below:

Facts about Bacterial Cells 1: the place of living

Bacteria can be found in the human body and animals. You can also find them having the parasitic and symbiotic relationships with plants. Actually the manned spacecraft is another place where you can find abundant bacteria.

Facts about Bacterial Cells 2: the nucleus

The cell of bacteria is unique because it is different from the cells of animals. It has no nucleus.

Facts about Bacterial Cells

Facts about Bacterial Cells

Facts about Bacterial Cells 3: the cell membrane

The cell membrane of bacteria is called in different names. You can call it plasma, cytoplasm or lipid membrane. This cell membrane is located around the bacterial cell.

Facts about Bacterial Cells 4: the function of cell membrane

The cell membrane on the bacterial cell has the function to hold the protein, nutrients and other important components inside the cell.  It acts as the barrier of the cell. Get facts about bacteria and viruses here.

Bacterial Cell

Bacterial Cell

Facts about Bacterial Cells 5: the membrane-bound organelles

If you check the cytoplasm, you will find no membrane-bound organelles. Therefore, bacteria are included in prokaryotes. The chloroplasts, mitochondria and true nucleus are not present in this bacterial cell.

Facts about Bacterial Cells 6: the membrane bound nucleus

You will not find any membrane bound nucleus inside the bacterial cell. The cytoplasm contains a single circular DNA chromosome. It is located inside the nucleoid.

Bacterial Cell Pic

Bacterial Cell Pic

Facts about Bacterial Cells 7: what is nucleoid?

Can you define the nucleoid? Actually it is the irregular shaped body of bacteria. You can find chromosome with its RNA and protein inside. Find out more facts about bacteria here.

Facts about Bacterial Cells 8: ribosomes

The bacterial cells contain ribosomes.   However, the ribosomes that the bacteria have are different from Archaea and eukaryotes. The ribosomes are included as polyribosomes.

Bacterial Cell Image

Bacterial Cell Image

Facts about Bacterial Cells 9: the sedimentation rate of the bacterial ribosomes

Based on the measurement of Svedberg units, the bacterial ribosomes have 70S sedimentation rate.

Facts about Bacterial Cells 10: the intracellular nutrient

There are several bacteria which can generate the intercellular nutrient granules that can be used by the bacteria later. They include polyhydroxyalkanoates, sulfur, glycogen and polyphosphate.

Bacterial Cell Facts

Bacterial Cell Facts

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