10 Facts about Baffin Island

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If you are interested to find out the fifth largest island in the world, you can read Facts about Baffin Island. In Canada, Baffin Island takes the largest island. It is located in the Canadian territory of Nunavut. This island is inhabited by 11,000 based on the estimated data in 2007. The total land area is around 195,928 square miles or 507,451 km square. The name of the island is derived from William Baffin. He was an English explorer. Here are some interesting facts about Baffin Island for you:

Facts about Baffin Island 1: the wildlife

The wildlife in Baffin Island is very impressive. There are the wildlife visitors during the summer and year round seasons.  You can sport arctic wolves, lemming, arctic hare, arctic fox, polar bears and barren ground caribou as the year round wildlife that you can spot in Baffin Island.

Facts about Baffin Island 2: Polar bear

It is very easy to spot polar bear in Baffin Island because they like living along the coast of Baffin Island. The polar bears are more likely to spend on the areas where they can find a lot of food sources and sea ice.

Facts about Baffin Island

Facts about Baffin Island

Facts about Baffin Island 3: the mating season of polar bear

In Baffin Island, polar bear mate every year.  In March, the female polar bears usually deliver 1 to 3 cubs.

Facts about Baffin Island 4: the female polar bear

The female polar bears will try to find out a den to spend the winter and deliver the baby. They will travel to the inland filled with a lot of snow.

Baffin Island Pic

Baffin Island Pic

Facts about Baffin Island 5: Arctic hare

The arctic hares in Baffin Island have pure white color during the winter. In the summer, their fur seems grey.

Facts about Baffin Island 6: the climate

The climate of Baffin Island is extremely cold. The summer season is very foggy and cloudy. The winter season is super cold.

Baffin Island Image

Baffin Island Image

Facts about Baffin Island 7: the remote island

Baffin Island is considered as a remote island due to the unfriendly climate. The heavy snow is experienced anytime in the year. It makes the island gloomy. In July and the beginning of August, it is less likely snowy. Find our another island in Alcatraz facts.

Facts about Baffin Island 8: the annual temperature

The yearly temperature of Baffin Island recorded at Iqaluit is around 14.9 degree F or -9.5 degree C.

Baffin Island Beauty

Baffin Island Beauty

Facts about Baffin Island 9: The location of Baffin Island

Most areas in Baffin Island are included in the Arctic Circle. The midnight sun in the summer as well as the polar night the winter are experienced by the communities from Pangnirtung northwards. Get facts about arctic here.

Facts about Baffin Island 10: twilight

The twilight can be found on the eastern community of Clyde River.

Baffin Island Facts

Baffin Island Facts

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