10 Facts about Bloxham

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If you are interested to find out the civil parish and larger village in northern Oxfordshire, you have to read Facts about Bloxham. Have you ever visited Bloxham before? The location of this village is 5 km or 3 miles southwest of Banbury.  This village is a perfect place for the people who want to enjoy natural landscape for it overlooks the Hobb Hill. Get more facts about Bloxham below:

Facts about Bloxham 1: a turnpike

A turnpike was created from the main road which passed Bloxham in 1770. The main road was situated between Chipping Norton and Banbury.

Facts about Bloxham 2: the main road and turnpike

The main road was straightened in 1815 by the turnpike trustees. Then the High Street Bridge was constructed.

Facts about Bloxham

Facts about Bloxham

Facts about Bloxham 3: the population

The population of the people in Bloxham was decreased in the end of 18th and beginning of 19th centuries.

Facts about Bloxham 4: Bloxham School

Bloxham School was the Church of England public school. At first, it was called All Saints’ School. In 1853, the school was established. In 1860, Rev. P.R. Edgerton re-opened the school after it was closed for a period of time.



Facts about Bloxham 5: the main school building

The main school building has interesting architectural design. George Edmund Street designed it in neo-Gothic Style.

Facts about Bloxham 6: the grandest church

If you are interested to know one of the grandest churches in England, you have to look at the parish church of St Mary’s Bloxham. Get facts about Aragon Spain here.

Bloxham Road

Bloxham Road

Facts about Bloxham 7: the interesting feature

The church is very interesting for it has a tower made in 14th century.  It has the height at 60 meters or 198 feet. Therefore, it is called as the highest one in Oxfordshire. It is also famous as the local landmark in Bloxham.

Facts about Bloxham 8: the county schools

There are two County schools located in Bloxham. Both are the Warriner School located in Banbury Road and the Bloxham Church or England primary school located situated at Tadmarton Road.

Bloxham Pic

Bloxham Pic

Facts about Bloxham 9: the shops

If you want to visit the shops in Bloxham, you can go to the High Street. It also has a hairdressing saloon, newsagent, pharmacy, chip shop and many more.

Facts about Bloxham 10: the public houses

The public houses located in Bloxham were The Joiners Arms, The Elephant & Castle, The Red Lion and The Hawk and Partridge. Find out another region in Armagh facts.

Bloxham Facts

Bloxham Facts

Are you impressed reading facts about Bloxham?

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