10 Facts about Boscastle Floods

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Facts about Boscastle Floods talk about the disaster which took place in Cornwall, England, UK on 16th August 2004.  The villages hit by this flash flood were Crackington Haven and Boscastle. The main cause of the floods is due to the high amount of rain which fell for at least 8 hours. Both villages had great damages. Here are other interesting facts about Boscastle floods below:

Facts about Boscastle Floods 1: Boscastle Floods

The media attracted more to report and cover the Boscastle Floods even though actually the floods also damaged the Rocky Valley as well as Crackington Haven.

Facts about Boscastle Floods 2: the peak flow

The peak flow of Boscastle Floods occurred at 5:00 pm till 6:00 pm BTS about 140 m³/s.

Facts about Boscastle Floods

Facts about Boscastle Floods

Facts about Boscastle Floods 3: the risk of having great flood

The presence of great flood in Boscastle is 1 of 400 floods per year. The chance of having the three hours rainfall in heavy shower is 1 of 1300. Get facts about Blizzards here.

Facts about Boscastle Floods 4: the heavy rainfall in the South West

The South West was affected by the heavy rainfall on 16 August 2004 in the afternoon.

Boscastle Floods Picture

Boscastle Floods Picture

Facts about Boscastle Floods 5: the previous occurrence of Boscastle floods

In 1996, Boscastle was affected by floods. It was due to the presence of Hurricane Lili. Other floods occurred in Boscastle in 1963, 1958, 1957 and 1847.

Facts about Boscastle Floods 6: the factors which affected the occurrence of Boscastle floods

The anthropogenic and meteorical factors were considered as the primary factors which caused Boscastle floods.

Boscastle Floods Facts

Boscastle Floods Facts

Facts about Boscastle Floods 7: the heavy rains in Boscastle

The inland of Boscastle was showered by the 7 inches or 185 mm of rainfall on 16 August 2004 due to the increased moisture level. The level of rainfall at Lesnewth was 24.1 mm for 15 minutes of heavy rain at 15:40 GMT. The region is situated four km from Boscastle.

Facts about Boscastle Floods 8: the 89 mm of rainfalls

The 3.5 inches or 89 mm of rainfall affected Boscastle for an hour.  It was a localized rain. The Brown Willy effect caused the heavy localized rain.

Boscastle Floods 2004

Boscastle Floods 2004

Facts about Boscastle Floods 9: the bad impact

The Boscastle floods gave a very bad impact. There were some boats, six buildings, five caravans and 75 cars washed by the flood to the sea. Find out facts about Bangladesh Floods here.

Facts about Boscastle Floods 10: other damages

The floods made the debris and trees scattered on the streets. It was estimated that 100 buildings and homes were damaged by the floods.

Boscastle Floods Image

Boscastle Floods Image

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