10 Facts about Boudicca Revolt

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One of the most important events in the history is explained in Facts about Boudicca Revolt. The revolt was led by Boudicca to fight against the Roman people. At that time, she led the Trinovanted, Iceni and other people to revolt against Roman governor Gaius Suetonius Paulinus in AD 60 or 61. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Boudicca revolt below:

Facts about Boudicca Revolt 1: the destruction of the revolt

The revolt conducted by Boudicca damaged the earlier capital of Trinovantes, Camulodunum. At that time, it was used as the temple site for the former Emperor Claudius and discharged Roman troop settlement.

Facts about Boudicca Revolt 2: the next target

The next target of the Boudicca revolt was the 22 year old commercial settlement, Londinium. Suetonius heard about the revolt and rushed to reach Londinium.

Facts about Boudicca Revolt

Facts about Boudicca Revolt

Facts about Boudicca Revolt 3: the abandonment of Londinium

Londinium was abandoned by the Romans because they could not fight the revolt led by Boudicca.  There were only few Romans who defended the settlement.

Facts about Boudicca Revolt 4: the destruction

Londinium and Verulamium were damaged and burned by Boudicca and her people. She fought Legio IX Hispana along with her 100,000 Iceni, Trinovantes and other people.

Boudicca Revolt

Boudicca Revolt

Facts about Boudicca Revolt 5: the victims

During the revolt led by Boudicca in three cities, there were around 70,000 to 80,000 British and Roman died.

Facts about Boudicca Revolt 6: Battle of Watling Street

In the Battle of Watling Street, Suetonius and his army were able to conquer the Britons. At that time, Suetonius regained his army in the West Midlands to fight back the Britons even though his army was outnumbered. Check facts about Boston Massacre here.

Boudicca Revolt Picture

Boudicca Revolt Picture

Facts about Boudicca Revolt 7: Emperor Nero

Hearing the crisis between the Romans and Britons, Emperor Nero actually wanted to remove all Roman troops from Britain. But he changed his mind after hearing the triumph of Suetonius. He was able to control the Britain again.

Facts about Boudicca Revolt 8: the death of Boudicca

It is not easy to find out the cause of death of Boudicca. Some sources believed that Boudicca fell ill and died or she killed herself so that the Roman would never capture her.

Boudicca Revolt Image

Boudicca Revolt Image

Facts about Boudicca Revolt 9: the fame of Boudicca

During the Victorian era, Boudicca is very famous because of her revolt against the Romans. Get facts about Boudicca here.

Facts about Boudicca Revolt 10: the name of Boudicca

Boudicca is called in various names. Edmund Spenser called her Bunduca, while Voadicia is the name applied to her by Raphael Holinshed.

Boudicca Revolt Facts

Boudicca Revolt Facts

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