10 Facts about Box Jellyfish

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Get the interesting Facts about Box Jellyfish if you want to know the cnidarian invertebrates that you can differentiate by checking the cube shaped medusa.  The box jellyfish is included in the class Cubozoa. You have to be careful when you encounter the box jellyfish for they can produce the potent venom. Some harmful box jellyfish include Malo kingi, Carukia barnesi and Chironex fleckeri. Here are other interesting facts about box jellyfish:

Facts about Box Jellyfish 1: the stings

The stings of venomous box jellyfish are harmful for human being. They can be fatal too.

Facts about Box Jellyfish 2: the place of living

The tropical indo pacific region is considered as the main habitat of the dangerous box jellyfish species.

Facts about Box Jellyfish

Facts about Box Jellyfish

Facts about Box Jellyfish 3: different species of jellyfish

If you are interested to find out different kinds of box jellyfish, you can check them in the subtropical and tropical oceans. They can be found living in Mediterranean Sea, Pacific Ocean, Japan and Atlantic Ocean.

Facts about Box Jellyfish 4: the box Jellyfish in Japan and Mediterranean Sea

Chironex yamaguchii is the species of box jellyfish that you can find in Japan, while Carybdea marsupialis can be found in Mediterranean Sea. Copula sivickisi lives in New Zealand and Carybdea branchi is found in South Africa.

Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish

Facts about Box Jellyfish 5: the growth rate, age to maturity and ages

The ages to maturity, ages and growth rate can be identified by the researchers by checking the calcium sulfate hemihydrates of box jellyfish.

Facts about Box Jellyfish 6: Chironex fleckeri

The researchers find out that Chironex fleckeri can reach 2 inches or 50 mm within 45 to 50 days. It has the 0.12 inches or 3 mm inter pedalia distance per day.

Box Jellyfish Pic

Box Jellyfish Pic

Facts about Box Jellyfish 7: the prey

The main prey of box jellyfish is small fish. The true jellyfish will eat their prey by drifting. On the other hand, the box jellyfish hunts their prey. Find out facts about bottlenose dolphins here.

Facts about Box Jellyfish 8: the speed

When the box jellyfish hunt their prey, they can reach the speed at 4 knots or 4.6 miles per hour or 1.5 till 2 meter per second.

Box Jellyfish Image

Box Jellyfish Image

Facts about Box Jellyfish 9: the size of a fully grown box jellyfish

The length of a fully grown jellyfish can reach 7.9 inches or 20 cm.  The diameter is around 12 inches or 30 cm. The length of tentacles is around 9.8 feet or 3 m. Get facts about bony fish here.

Facts about Box Jellyfish 10: the weight

Can you guess the weight of box jellyfish? It can reach weight at 4.4 lb or 2 kilogram.

Box Jellyfish Facts

Box Jellyfish Facts

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