10 Facts about British Weather

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Let’s find out the interesting Facts about British Weather in the below post. The location of United Kingdom is on the western seaboard of Afro-Eurasia. Due to the location, Britain has the dry continental air and moist maritime air. The weather that Britain has is affected by the atmospheric instability which changes the weather of Britain. It is not easy to predict the weather. Check more interesting facts about British weather below:

Facts about British Weather 1: the regional climate

The Atlantic Ocean and the latitude of the country affect the regional climate in Great Britain.

Facts about British Weather 2: the areas closest to Atlantic Ocean

The windiest, wettest and mildest areas in United Kingdom usually are the ones located close to Atlantic Oceans. They include the western parts of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Facts about British Weather

Facts about British Weather

Facts about British Weather 3: the northern areas

The people who live in the northern areas of United Kingdom have to experience the wetter and cooler season. The cooler, less windy and drier weather is often experienced by the people who live in eastern areas.

Facts about British Weather 4: the maritime polar air mass

The maritime polar air mass affects the weather in west of Scotland and Northern Ireland. It makes the areas have the cool moist air.

British Weather

British Weather

Facts about British Weather 5: the continental polar air mass

The continent polar air mass influences the weather in north east England and east of Scotland. Therefore, the air in the area is cold dry.

Facts about British Weather 6: the warm dry air

The warm dry air is experienced by the people who live in the south and south east of England.  The people can enjoy the warmest summer season due to the exposure of the continental tropical air mass. Find facts about Britain here.

British Weather Pic

British Weather Pic

Facts about British Weather 7: the warm moist air

The warm moist air is present in the south west of England and Wales. It is due to the exposure of maritime tropical air mass.

Facts about British Weather 8: England

If you compare England with other areas in United Kingdom, it has the warmer minimum and maximum temperature per year. If you want to enjoy the sunniest month in England, you can go here in July.

British Weather Facts

British Weather Facts

Facts about British Weather 9: Norther Ireland

If you compare the temperature of Scotland and Northern Ireland, the latter one has warmer weather. In January, people in Northern Ireland have the rainiest month. Get facts about Antarctica’s Climate here.

Facts about British Weather 10: Scotland

The coolest weather in UK is experienced in Scotland. In January, people experience the minimum temperature.

British Weather Image

British Weather Image

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