10 Facts about Buxton Canada

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Facts about Buxton Canada present the interesting information about the rural community in Southwestern Ontario. The former African American slaves built the community in the area in 1949. They wanted to gain freedom by settling in Canada. The slaves were able to start fresh life after 9,000 acres of land for the refugee was bought by Elgin Association with the help of Rev. William King. He was an abolitionist and Presbyterian minister. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Buxton Canada by reading the following post below:

Facts about Buxton Canada 1: the development of the community

The development of the community in Buxton Canada was rapid. There were many families who lived here within few years after the first settlement. They planted crops, built houses, cleared the land and lived here with families.

Facts about Buxton Canada 2: the establishment

The community was also filled with churches and schools too. Now there are around 400 people who live in Buxton.

Facts about Buxton Canada

Facts about Buxton Canada

Facts about Buxton Canada 3: the interest of Buxton

Buxton was considered as an interesting place by the American people. In 1857, there was a reporter from New York Herald Tribune who visited the settlement.

Facts about Buxton Canada 4: other visits

In 1863, Buxton was visited y the head of American Freedmen’s Inquiry Commission too. The commission was formed after the Emancipation Proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln. During the civil war, many slaves in America south were freed.

Buxton Canada

Buxton Canada

Facts about Buxton Canada 5: the praise for the people in Buxton

People praised the struggle of the African American people who lived in Buxton Canada after the visit.

Facts about Buxton Canada 6: the location of the community

You can find these people living within the municipality of Chatham-Kent. It is inhabited by 200 people. Most of them are the black Canadians.

Buxton Canada Picture

Buxton Canada Picture

Facts about Buxton Canada 7: the peak population

The peak population of Buxton Canada reached 2000 people. Most of them were the descendants of the fugitive slaves or freed slaves from America. They reached Canada through the Underground Railroad. Check Bude facts here.

Facts about Buxton Canada 8: the slavery in Canada

In 1838, the slavery in Canada was eliminated by Great Britain. Therefore, slavery never affected Canada.

Buxton Canada History

Buxton Canada History

Facts about Buxton Canada 9: who was Rev. William King?

Rev. William King was an important figure who established the North Buxton Community. He migrated to U.S. from Scotland to work as a tutor and teacher.

Facts about Buxton Canada 10: Elgin Association

Elgin Association was formed by Lord Elgin and Rev. William King to establish a Negro refugee for the fugitive slaves and freed slaves. Get facts about Bowness here.

Buxton Canada facts

Buxton Canada facts

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