10 Facts about Caesium

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Find out another chemical element in Facts about Caesium.  It has the atomic number of 55. In the periodic element Caesium is symbolized with Cs.  It has the melting point at 82 degree F or 28 degree C. This silver gold alkali metal has soft texture. If it is kept in at the room temperature, Caesium has the liquid form. Here are other interesting facts about Caesium:

Facts about Caesium 1: the physical and chemical properties

The physical and chemical properties of Caesium are similar with potassium and rubidium. This alkali metal is very reactive. It can easily react with water. However, Caesium is considered as the least electronegative chemical element.

Facts about Caesium 2: the stable isotope

Caesium-133 is considered as the only stable isotope. In most cases, pollucite is considered as the main source of Caesium production. However, the waste of the nuclear reactor is the source of most radioisotopes of Caesium. Therefore, it is considered as the fission product.

Caesium 137

Caesium 137

Facts about Caesium 3: who discovered Caesium?

In 1860, Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff discovered Caesium. Both employed flame spectroscopy method.

Facts about Caesium 4: the first application of Caesium

Caesium was used in the photoelectric cells during the firm application of this element in a small scale amount. In the vacuum tubes, Caesium was used as a getter.

facts about Caesium

facts about Caesium

Facts about Caesium 5: the atomic clock

Caesium is used in the atomic clock for Caesium-133 produces the emission spectrum which can define the second and meter from the two wave counts.

Facts about Cesium 6: the main application of Caesium today

Today, Caesium is mostly used to drill fluid.  You can also find out that the industries also use Caesium for chemistry, electronic and electricity application.

Caesium Pic

Caesium Pic

Facts about Caesium 7: the texture of Caesium

Caesium has ductile and soft texture.  Talking about the hardness of this element, it has 0.2 Mohs scale. When the presence of oxygen is higher, the color of this metal will be darkened. Get facts about Cadmium here.

Facts about Caesium 8: the life span of Caesium-137

Caesium-137 is used for various purposes such as in hydrology, industrial gauges and medical application.  It can last a half life for around 30 years.

Caesium Facts

Caesium Facts

Facts about Caesium 9: the toxic element

Caesium is considered as a toxic element if it is released to the surroundings. Find facts about beryllium here.

Facts about Caesium 10: the boiling point

The boiling point of Caesium is 83.1 degree F or 28.4 degree C.



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