10 Facts about Calcite

Tuesday, September 29th 2015. | Science

Facts about Calcite tell you about the most stable polymorph of CaCO3 or calcium carbonate.  It is the carbonate mineral.  Vaterite and aragonite are the other two polymorphs. When aragonite is at the temperature of 380 until 470 degree C, it will turn into calcite. When it is mixed with acid, calcite will easily dissolve. Let’s find out more interesting facts about calcite by reading the following post below:

Facts about Calcite 1: the factors which affect the dissolved calcite

There are several factors which affect the dissolved calcite such as the dissolved iron concentration, pH, and water temperature. You can dissolve calcite with the groundwater.

Facts about Calcite 2: the cold water

If you mix calcite with cold water, it is usually is insoluble. The carbon dioxide gas will be released when calcite is dissolved due to the acidity. Check acids facts here.

Calcite Color

Calcite Color

Facts about Calcite 3: the rock and calcite

If calcite is removed from the rock, it will have higher permeability and porosity. The dissolution will happen if the conditions are ideal. If the dissolution occurs for a very long time, it can lead into establishment of caves.

Facts about Calcite 4: the collapse of cave system

The collapse of cave system may occur if the dissolution of the rock which contains calcium carbonate continues for a very long time.

Facts about Calcite

Facts about Calcite

Facts about Calcite 5: the usage of calcite during Second World War

During the Second World War, the gun sights such as the anti aircraft weapons and bomb sights were made by using the high grade optical calcite.

Facts about Calcite 6: other usages of calcite

Calcite is also used for various purposes such as soil stabilization, soil remediation and concrete repair.

Calcite Pic

Calcite Pic

Facts about Calcite 7: the largest single crystals of calcite

The record of the largest single crystal of calcite has the weight at 250 tons. It has the dimension at 6 x 6 x 3 meter and 7 x 7 x 2 meter. The crystals are from Iceland.

Facts about Calcite 8: the sedimentary rocks

The limestone occupies 10 percent of sedimentary rock. The common constituent of limestone is calcite created from the dead marine organisms’ shells. Get bauxite facts here.



Facts about Calcite 9: the mantle or volcanic rocks

Kimberlites, carbonatites and peridotites usually contain calcite. In the metamorphic marble, calcite is considered as the main component.

Facts about Calcite 10: Snowy River Cave of New Mexico

If you are interested to know the amazing view of calcite, you have to go to Snowy River Cave of New Mexico. The formation is natural due to the presence of microorganisms.

Calcite Facts

Calcite Facts

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