10 Facts about Candy

Thursday, October 8th 2015. | Culinary

The sweet are explained in Facts about Candy. The main ingredient of candy is sugar. It is included in the sweet confection. The types include chewing gum, chocolate, and sugar candy. Some people also call the nuts, fruits and vegetables as candies if they are coated and glazed with sugar. Since sugar is considered as the main item in candy, people have to use a significant amount of sugar. Check some interesting facts about candy below:

Facts about Candy 1: the different of candy and bread

Candies are very different from bread and cake.  People create candies in small pieces.  It cannot be shared with other people. On the other hand, bread and cake are easier to share with others.

Facts about Candy 2: the serving process

Since the definition of candy is broad, the serving process also determines the type of candies. The candies are consumed using fingers for it is considered as a casual snack. People often eat it between meals. On the other hand, the sweet pastries are not candies as they are consume at the end of the meal. It serves as the dessert course. Find facts about cakes here.

Candy Types

Candy Types

Facts about Candy 3: the culture

A candy can be considered as a dessert or vice versa depending on the culture of the people. It can be a dessert in a certain culture, but in another culture it is called as a candy.

Facts about Candy 4: the sugar candies

Can you mention some sugar candies? Those include caramels, soft candies, hard candies, taffy and marshmallows.



Facts about Candy 5: the commercial sugar candies

The categorization of commercial sugar candy is seen based on the chemical structure and amount of sugar used to create the product.

Facts about Candy 6: the hard candy

One of the most popular hard candies is the fruit shaped hard candy. The people produce it by using color, flavor, water and sugar.

Candy Facts

Candy Facts

Facts about Candy 7: sugar candy in Japan

If you are in Japan, don’t forget to try the traditional Japanese sugar candy. After the people finish this candy, it will have 100 percent sugar. The Japanese people call it Kompeito.

Facts about Candy 8: Haribo gummy bears

The first gummi candy ever made was Hairbo gummy bears.  The people love it for it has chewy and soft textures.

Facts about Candy

Facts about Candy

Facts about Candy 9: candy in India

The popular homemade nut brittles in India are Chikki. The hard sugar candy is found between the seeds and nuts.

Facts about Candy 10: other types of candies

The famous Finish sugar candy is Pantteri. Salmiakki is the salty flavored candy in black color. Get facts about Cadbury Chocolate here.



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