10 Facts about Caryl Churchill

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Let’s find out the interesting information about the famous British playwright in Facts about Caryl Churchill. She likes to explore feminine themes, sexual politics, and abuses of power. She often delivers her dramas using the non naturalistic techniques. Check other interesting facts about Caryl Churchill:

Facts about Caryl Churchill 1: Bertolt Brecht

Do you know Bertolt Brecht? He was a famous dramatist in the world. His style often depicted the epic theatre which affected the early work of Churchill. She used Bertolt Brecht’s style to explore the themes of sexuality and gender. Check Facts about Bertolt Brecht here.

Facts about Caryl Churchill 2: Antonin Artaud

The work of Antonin Artaud, ‘Theatre of Cruelty’ began to influence the style of Churchill. Therefore, she applied the dance theatre. You can spot this experiment on Churchill’s From a Mouthful of Birds (1986).

Facts about Caryl Churchill

Facts about Caryl Churchill

Facts about Caryl Churchill 3: postmodernist

The works of Churchill are characterized as post modernist. There are various plays that she wrote. Those include Top Girls (1982), The After-Dinner Joke, television drama (1978), Cloud Nine (1979), Crimes, television drama (1982), and Traps (1976). Get facts about Carol Ann Duffy here.

Facts about Caryl Churchill 4: the date of birth

Caryl Churchill was born in London on September 3rd, 1938. Her father was a political cartoonist named Robert Churchill. Her mother was a fashion model, Jan.

Caryl Churchill

Caryl Churchill

Facts about Caryl Churchill 5: emigration

The family decided to move to Montreal, Canada after the end of World War II. At that time, Caryl was only 10 years old. When she lived in Montreal, she studied at Trafalgar School for Girls.

Facts about Caryl Churchill 6: the college life

She decided to live in England when she wanted to pursue higher education in the university. She received a B.A. degree in English Literature from Lady Margaret Hall. It was a college for women at Oxford University.

Caryl Churchill Pic

Caryl Churchill Pic

Facts about Caryl Churchill 7: the writing career

The beginning of her writing career was started by Churchill when she studied at the college.

Facts about Caryl Churchill 8: the performance of her dramas

There were four plays that she wrote and performed by the students at Oxford. Those were Easy Death (produced 1962), having a Wonderful Time (1960), You’ve No Need to be Frightened and Downstairs (produced 1958).

Caryl Churchill image

Caryl Churchill image

Facts about Caryl Churchill 9: personal life

David Harter and Caryl Churchill married in 1961. Both were blessed with three kids. Now the family settles in Islington, North London.

Facts about Caryl Churchill 10: BBC radio

Caryl Churchill also had her career in BBC Radio. She wrote short radio dramas in the radio in 1960s and 1970s.

Caryl Churchill facts

Caryl Churchill facts

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