10 Facts about Caravaggio

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Check the interesting Facts about Caravaggio in the following post. Between 1592 and 1610, he was an active painter in Malta, Sicily, Rome and Naples. He was born on September 29th, 1571 and died on July 18th, 1610. He was born as Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. Get more interesting facts about him below:

Facts about Caravaggio 1: the characteristics of Caravaggio’s paintings

Let’s find out the characteristics of Caravaggio’s paintings. You can find the emotional and physical observation of human state transformed in realistic ways in the paintings of Caravaggio. He also used lighting to create a dramatic effect. The Baroque painting was influenced by the artwork of Caravaggio.

Facts about Caravaggio 2: the teacher

Simone Peterzano was the teacher of Caravaggio. Peterzano trained him as a painter in Milan.

Caravaggio Facts

Caravaggio Facts

Facts about Caravaggio 3: moving to Rome

Caravaggio decided to move to Rome due to the high demands of paintings to fill the new churches. At that time, Caravaggio was in his twenties.

Facts about Caravaggio 4: the innovation

Caravaggio created unique innovation when he made paintings. In 1600, he had a successful era after he was commissioned for art scene on Calling of Saint Matthew and Martyrdom of Saint Matthew.

Caravaggio Picture

Caravaggio Picture

Facts about Caravaggio 5: the poor success

Unfortunately, Caravaggio handled his success poorly. On 29 May 1606, Pope issued a death warrant against him after he killed a young man. People believe that perhaps he killed him unintentionally. He also went to jail several times.

Facts about Caravaggio 6: the lifestyle of Caravaggio

There was an account about Caravaggio dated back in 1604. The account presented the lifestyle of this painter three years ago. It was stated that he was ready to have a fight with anyone. He always went to one ball court to the next court due to his behavior.

Facts about Caravaggio

Facts about Caravaggio

Facts about Caravaggio 7: killing a young man

Caravaggio was involved in a brawl and made him killed a young man in 1606. Therefore, he decided to move away from Rome. Check facts about Camille Pissarro here.

Facts about Caravaggio 8: other brawls

There were various brawls that Caravaggio involved. In 1609, he had a brawl in Naples, while another brawl occurred in Malta in 1608.

Caravaggio Pic

Caravaggio Pic

Facts about Caravaggio 9: death

Caravaggio died in a mysterious condition when he was in Porto Ercole in Tuscany. He was 38 years old. Get facts about Brian Patten here.

Facts about Caravaggio 10: the forgotten painter

After his death, Caravaggio was nearly forgotten by the people. But his art was celebrated again in 20th century.

Caravaggio Painting

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