10 Facts about Cellular Respiration

Wednesday, November 11th 2015. | Biology

Get more scientific information on Facts about Cellular Respiration if you know the metabolic processes and reactions.  This process is very important for the cell will get nutrient after the biochemical energy is converted into ATP. The waste product will be formed during the process. The cellular respiration occurs on the cells of the organisms. Here are some interesting facts about cellular respiration below:

Facts about Cellular Respiration 1: catabolic reactions

Do you know the catabolic reaction? It is the reaction in the cellular respiration in which the large molecules will be broken down into the smaller ones. This process will release the energy.

Facts about Cellular Respiration 2: the activity of the cells

The activity of the cells can only be conducted if there is enough energy that the cell can get from the respiration.

Facts about Cellular Respiration

Facts about Cellular Respiration

Facts about Cellular Respiration 3: the heat

The heat will be released during the cellular respiration. Therefore, it is called as the exothermic redox reaction.

Facts about Cellular Respiration 4: the nutrients during the respiration

Fatty acids, amino acids and sugars are some nutrients used by the plants and animals cells during the respiration process. O2 or the molecular oxygen is used as the general electron acceptor or oxidizing agent.

Cellular Respiration Facts

Cellular Respiration Facts

Facts about Cellular Respiration 5: ATP

ATP is very important during the cellular process. The chemical energy is stored here. The processes such as the transportation of molecules, locomotion and biosynthesis occur here.

Facts about Cellular Respiration 6: Pyruvate

Pyruvate is the pyruvic acid. It will not be metabolized if there is oxygen presented during the respiration process. The acid will have a fermentation process. It will be seen in the cytoplasm, not mitochondrion.

Cellular Respirations

Cellular Respirations

Facts about Cellular Respiration 7: the rate of the glycolytic reactions

The rate of the glycolytic reactions should be increased in the prokaryotes to continue the growth rate. Get facts about cell organelles here.

Facts about Cellular Respiration 8: the importance of fermentation

Fermentation process is very important when the muscle cells needs the ATP production. It usually happens when the short burst of activity is conducted by the multicellular organism.

Cellular Respiration Pic

Cellular Respiration Pic

Facts about Cellular Respiration 9: the oxygen

The oxygen is very important during the cellular respiration for it serves as the inorganic electron acceptor. Therefore, the production of ATP can be conducted. Get facts about cells here.

Facts about Cellular Respiration 10: Anaerobic respiration

The nitrate or sulfate serves as the inorganic receptors during anaerobic respiration in some microorganisms.

Cellular Respiration Picture

Cellular Respiration Picture

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