10 Facts about Cerebral Palsy

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Facts about Cerebral Palsy talk about a group of permanent movement disorders. The common symptoms faced the patients with CP include the stiff muscle, poor coordination, tremors and weak muscles. This condition usually occurs in the early childhood period. There is no need to wonder that the babies with CP do not sit, roll over, walk or even crawl. They are different from the other babies with the similar age. Here are some interesting facts about cerebral palsy to note:

Facts about Cerebral Palsy 1: the common problems

The people with CP have the common problems related to speaking, hearing, sensation, and vision and swallowing. The report states that one third of CP people have seizures and face the difficulty to think.

Facts about Cerebral Palsy 2: the presence of the symptoms

The symptoms of cerebral palsy are often noticed by the people during the childhood time. The main cause of the health condition is due to the damages on some parts of the brain or the abnormal development of the brain.

Facts about Cerebral Palsy

Facts about Cerebral Palsy

Facts about Cerebral Palsy 3: the risk factors

Do you know the risk factors of cerebral palsy? A difficult delivery, exposure to methylmercury during pregnancy, rubella infections during pregnancy and premature birth are some risk factors of cerebral palsy.

Facts about Cerebral Palsy 4: the inherited genetic cause

The inherited genetic cause occupies 20 percent of the cases of cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Facts about Cerebral Palsy 5: the classification of cerebral palsy

The problem presented on the patients will determine the type of cerebral palsy. Ataxic cerebral palsy is used to define the cerebral palsy due to the poor coordination. If the people have the stiff muscles, this condition is included as spastic cerebral palsy. Athetoid cerebral palsy occurs because of the problem with the writhing movement.

Facts about Cerebral Palsy 6: the diagnosis

The diagnosis of cerebral palsy can be conducted by having medical imaging and blood tests.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy

Facts about Cerebral Palsy 7: how to prevent cerebral palsy

The easiest way to prevent the cerebral palsy is by giving the mother immunization. The head injuries should be prevented too by enhancing the safety of the kids. Find facts about cancer here.

Facts about Cerebral Palsy 8: how to cure cerebral palsy?

Unfortunately, cerebral palsy cannot be cured. But the patients can receive surgery, medication and supportive treatment. The speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy can be conducted too.

Cerebral Palsy Pic

Cerebral Palsy Pic

Facts about Cerebral Palsy 9: the stiff muscles

The stiff muscles can be relaxed when the patients get the prescribed medications like botulinum toxin, baclofen and diazepam. Get facts about Celiac Disease here.

Facts about Cerebral Palsy 10: the common movement disorder

Cerebral palsy is mostly spotted on kids. The chance of having this condition is 2.1 per 1,000 live births.

Cerebral Palsy Image

Cerebral Palsy Image

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