10 Facts about Charlotte Dymond

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Facts about Charlotte Dymond will explain about the murder of Charlotte Dymond.  The folklore of Bodmin Moor contained the details about the murder. When we talk about Charlotte Dymond, we have to explore various subjects such as a violent murder and classic tragedy.  It was about a spurned lover executed by hanging even though he claimed that he was innocent.  The tragedy involved with a young girl as a victim. Let us find other interesting facts about Charlotte Dymond below:

Facts about Charlotte Dymond 1: the date of the murder

It was believed that the murder occurred on April 14, 1844. On that date, the ghost of Charlotte Dymond was roaming on the moor.

Facts about Charlotte Dymond 2: who was Charlotte Dymond?

Have you ever heard about the story of Charlotte Dymond? At the age of 18, Charlotte Dymond worked as a domestic servant on a Penhale farm of Bodmin Moor.

charlotte dymond Image

charlotte dymond Image

Facts about Charlotte Dymond 3: the farm owners

An elderly widow and her son were the owners of the farm who lived with Charlotte. The other servants were Matthew Weeks and John Stevens. Both of them were at the age of 20s.

Facts about Charlotte Dymond 4: the love relationship

The love relationship occurred between Charlotte and Matthew. Matthew was described as a not-so-good-looking man. His limp was heavy. He also had a short posture. Moreover, Matthew lost many teeth. However, he liked to dress up well. In contrast, Charlotte was a beautiful girl.

charlotte dymond

charlotte dymond

Facts about Charlotte Dymond 5: the possible reason of having together

The relationship was possible between the couple because Charlotte was an illegitimate daughter. She had no family. On the other hand, Matthew was from a modest family.

Facts about Charlotte Dymond 6: another suitor

Thomas Prout was another suitor who liked her. He was the nephew of the farm owner who worked with Matthew on some occasions as a laborer in the farm. Get facts about Dylan Dauzat here.

Facts about charlotte dymond

Facts about charlotte dymond

Facts about Charlotte Dymond 7: John Stevens

John Stevens was another servant in the farm who heard that Charlotte and Prout were planning to escape from the farm.

Facts about Charlotte Dymond 8: the death of Charlotte

Charlotte died on Sunday wearing her best dress. Before she died, Matthew was with him. In the evening, he went home alone. She did not return. See facts about Dylan O’Brien here.

charlotte dymond trail

charlotte dymond trail

Facts about Charlotte Dymond 9: suspicion

Charlotte went missing more than a week. Her body was discovered on river Alan’s banks. She was murdered with throat cut.

Facts about Charlotte Dymond 10: the hanging of Matthew

Matthew was sentenced to death by hanging. He was executed on August 12th, 1844.

charlotte dymond facts

charlotte dymond facts

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