10 Facts about Childbirth

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Get Facts about Childbirth in the following post below. People often call childbirth in various terms. You can call it parturition, partus, birth, delivery and labor.  Childbirth is defined as the culmination of pregnancy. There are three stages of normal childbirth experienced by the pregnant women. Those include the stages of dilation of cervix, birth of infant and placenta’s expulsion. Check other interesting facts about childbirth:

Facts about Childbirth 1: the death

Around 500,000 women die because of pregnancy and childbirth. The women who face the negative outcome after the childbirth are 50 million. The serious long term complications are experienced by 7 million women. Most cases related to the childbirth occur in the developing world.

Facts about Childbirth 2: the sign

The main sign when the women have to face childbirth is when they have the strong contractive waves. It makes the infant move down through the canal.

Facts about Childbirth

Facts about Childbirth


Facts about Childbirth 3: the distress level

There are several factors which affect the distress level of the women in childbirth. The factors include the cultural ideas of labor and pain, anxiety level, fear levels, support received during labor, mobility during labor and experience before the labor.

Facts about Childbirth 4: the satisfaction level of childbirth

The satisfaction level of childbirth of women can be seen from the quality of the caregiver and patient relation, support of caregivers, decision-making involvement, and many more.



Facts about Childbirth 5: the pain during the contractions

Many women depict the contraction during the childbirth as painful as the strong menstrual cramps.

Facts about Childbirth 6: screaming

During the childbirth, screaming is not encouraged. To reduce the pain during the childbirth, the women can do grunting and moaning.

Childbirth Picture

Childbirth Picture

Facts about Childbirth 7: the reaction

The reactions that the women have during the labor are very different. During the childbirth, the women often have back labor. This pain occurs at the lower back. Find facts about babies here.

Facts about Childbirth 8: tokophobia

Tokophobia is defined as the abnormal fear of childbirth. It occurs on the women who have persistent fear of labor.

Childbirth Pic

Childbirth Pic

Facts about Childbirth 9: baby blues

Baby blue syndrome is experienced by the women after the childbirth. This condition is characterized with the presence of the sadness. In United States, there are around 70 percent to 80 percent of women who experience the baby blues syndrome after the birth. Get facts about child development here.

Facts about Childbirth 10: the duration of childbirth

The active phase of childbirth usually takes around 8 hours. That’s the duration experienced by the women who deliver the first child. If you have given birth to a child before, it usually takes less time.

Childbirth facts

Childbirth facts

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