10 Facts about Cold Harbor

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Facts about Cold Harbor talk about a major war during the American Civil War. The battle was between the Confederate Army and Union Army. The leader of the Confederate Army was General Robert E. Lee. Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant and Maj. Gen. George G. Meade were the leaders of Union Army. The battle took place on 31st May 1864 until 12th June 1864. The battle was often called the Second Cold Harbor. Let’s find other interesting facts about Cold Harbor below:

Facts about Cold Harbor 1: the numbers of soldiers

The Confederate Army had 59,000 soldiers. On the other hand, the Union Army outnumbered the Confederates for they had 108,000 soldiers.

Facts about Cold Harbor 2: the casualties

The winner of Battle of Cold Harbor was the Confederate Army. They lost around 5,000 soldiers. On the other hand, the Union Army lost around 12,000 soldiers.

Cold Harbor Battle

Cold Harbor Battle

Facts about Cold Harbor 3: Abraham Lincoln

The Union Army stood for Abraham Lincoln. He became the president on 4th March 1861 until 15th April 1865. He was 16th president of United States.

Facts about Cold Harbor 4: during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln

The Battle of Cold Harbor in Virginia was one of the major battles during his term in the office.

Facts about Cold Harbor

Facts about Cold Harbor

Facts about Cold Harbor 5: the locations of Battle of Cold Harbor

There were two main locations of the Battle of Cold Harbor. In the eastern area, the battlefield was located in Virginia.

Facts about Cold Harbor 6: Richmond

Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy. The location of the Battle was less than 10 miles from the capital. The Union lost a lot of soldiers during the first hour of the battle.

Cold Harbor Pictures

Cold Harbor Pictures

Facts about Cold Harbor 7: the importance of Cold Harbor Battle

The Battle of Cold Harbor was very important for Union Army because they had to break the line of the Confederate Army if they wanted to capture the capital of Confederacy, Richmond. Find facts about civil rights movement here.

Facts about Cold Harbor 8: the term Harbor

Even though the Battle was called Cold Harbor, the site was not located by the sea. The word harbor referred to the tavern located on the battlefield.

Cold Harbor Facts

Cold Harbor Facts

Facts about Cold Harbor 9: the First Battle of Cold Harbor

The first Battle of Cold Harbor occurred in 1862. Actually both battles were located in the similar site.

Facts about Cold Harbor 10: the last victory

Even though Confederacy won the battle, actually it was the last victory for General Robert E. Lee. Get facts about Colonial America here.

Cold Harbor Picture

Cold Harbor Picture

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