10 Facts about Colonial Georgia

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If you want to know the detailed information about the last colony of the 13 original British colonies in North America, you have to check Facts about Colonial Georgia. It was established after Britain formed the New Hampshire in 1733. The name of the colony was taken from the name of King George II. Check other interesting facts about Colonial Georgia below:

Facts about Colonial Georgia 1: the founder of Colonial Georgia

Do you know the founder of Colonial Georgia? He was a member of parliament named James Oglethorpe. He was also recognized as a prison reformer.

Facts about Colonial Georgia 2: the freedom of religion

The freedom of religions was applied by Oglethorpe in the new colony. Since Catholicism was not popular in England, the freedom of religion was only applied for all Christians.

Facts about Colonial Georgia

Facts about Colonial Georgia

Facts about Colonial Georgia 3: the governor

Oglethorpe was the governor of Georgia. During his period, alcohol and slavery were banned from Colonial Georgia.

Facts about Colonial Georgia 4: moving back to England

Oglethorpe returned to England after he became the colony’s governor for more than 12 years. After he left his post, the alcohol was not banned anymore. Then slavery was allowed in Colonial Georgia in 1749.

Colonial Georgia

Colonial Georgia

Facts about Colonial Georgia 5: John Wesley

In 1735, John Wesley arrived in the Savannah. He converted the American Indians and gave preaching to the colonists. He founded Methodist Church. He returned to England in humiliation because he broke the promise and married a woman.

Facts about Colonial Georgia 6: the primary exports

At that time, the primary exports of Colonial Georgia included lumber, indigo, rice, and fur.

Colonial Georgia Pic

Colonial Georgia Pic

Facts about Colonial Georgia 7: silk

At first, the colonists attempted to use silk as the main product of the colony. They found a lot of mulberry trees in the colonies. But this plan failed. Get facts about New Jersey here.

Facts about Colonial Georgia 8: the unique history

Colonial Georgia was unique for it had a close relationship with England. The special relationship between Georgia and England made it have a unique history and culture.

Colonial Georgia Pictures

Colonial Georgia Pictures

Facts about Colonial Georgia 9: the establishment of Colonial Georgia

King George II signed a charter in 1732 to create a colony named Georgia. The trustees ran Georgia until 1753. Get facts about Colonial America here.

Facts about Colonial Georgia 10: a place for opportunity

Colonial Georgia was considered as a place for opportunity because the poor people in Britain could begin a new life here.

Colonial Georgia Facts

Colonial Georgia Facts

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