10 Facts about Compound Machines

Friday, February 19th 2016. | Physics

You can learn Facts about Compound Machines below. Complex machines are common in your daily activities. It’s a combination of machines that work together to perform a more efficient system. However, there are several facts you might not know about complex machines. Here are some of the examples.

Facts about Compound Machines 1: The Lighter

A compound machine is found in a lighter. The concept of a complex machine is the combination of simple machines. Thus, a lighter also utilizes this system as there are both a lever and a wheel to ignite the fire. There’s also a stone that forms heat.

Facts about Compound Machines 2: The Scissors

There are many types of compound machine. Scissors also use that concept. It consists of 2 wedges and levers. People need to use force to the handle. The force is transferred to the ends of the levers blade.

Compound Machines Facts

Compound Machines Facts

Facts about Compound Machines 3: The Fishing Rods

Fishing rods also make use of the compound machine concept. The rod is the lever. It has both the fulcrum and the force. People can take advantage of both input and output force of the rod to stimulate the angler to fling the line into the water without putting too much effort.

Facts about Compound Machines 4: The Problems

There’s a big issue regarding compound machines. It’s related to the friction. Simple machines don’t have as many moving parts as compound machines. This means the complex machines are poor in the terms of efficiency when compared to simple machines. Not to mention there’s the heat problem.

Compound Machine Pic

Compound Machine Pic

Facts about Compound Machines 5: Combustion Engine

An engine also applies the concept of complex machines. There are many moving parts inside the internal burning engine. For example, you can find crankshaft, connecting rod, and piston in such engine. All of them work together as compound machines.

Facts about Compound Machines 6: The Compound Bow

A compound bow utilizes the compound machine concept. It’s a modern bow that uses a levering system. The pulley system provides a more powerful and accurate shooting. It’s also rigid that the bow becomes more efficient when compared to other bows.

Facts about Compound Machines

Facts about Compound Machines

Facts about Compound Machines 7: The Human Body

Do you know that the human body is also an example of a complex machine? There are many types of a lever in the body like the motions in legs, arms, hip, and neck. All of them apply the use of levers to move. Find facts about Boyle’s law here.

Facts about Compound Machines 8: Robotics Motions

Both engineers and scientists apply a concept of a complex machine to design robots. It’s because they find out the perfect examples of how the human body works. This helps them to imitate the motions and apply them to artificial limbs or robots.

Compound Machines Pictures

Compound Machines Pictures

Facts about Compound Machines 9: Land-Based Complex Machines

Almost all vehicles apply a complex machine concept. They are all land-based complex machines. They use round shafts and axles to hold gears or wheels. Not to mention they use many screws to keep the parts intact. Get facts about catapults here.

Facts about Compound Machines 10: The Rowboat

A wooden rowboat is a complex machine too. How? The axles of the rowboat allow the oars either to be lowered or lifted. It works similarly when moving backward or forward. Needless to say, the oars are the representation of levers.

Compound Machine

Compound Machine

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