10 Facts about Computer Viruses

Tuesday, February 23rd 2016. | Technology

Facts about Computer Viruses talk about the malware program which disturbs the program of your computer. The viruses may infect the boot sector, data files or even computer programs for they can replicate themselves. There are various disadvantages that you can get from the viruses hidden in the computer. Let’s check other interesting facts about computer below:

Facts about Computer Viruses 1: the disadvantages of computer viruses

There are various disadvantages that you can get from the infected computer. The virus may corrupt the data, access the private information, steal the CPU time, steal the hard disk space, log the keystrokes, spam the contact, and display the humorous messages and many more.

Facts about Computer Viruses 2: the writers of viruses

The people who can write viruses must able to notice on the security vulnerabilities of the computer system. They also master the social engineering.

Computer Virus Facts

Computer Virus Facts

Facts about Computer Viruses 3: Microsoft Windows

The computers which run Microsoft Windows are mostly affected by the viruses. The new host computer is infected by the viruses in many ways. Find facts about computer memory here.

Facts about Computer Viruses 4: the antivirus software

For protecting the computers, the users often install the antivirus software. However, the unique and powerful virus can evade it due to the complicated stealth or even anti detection strategies.

Computer Virus Pic

Computer Virus Pic

Facts about Computer Viruses 5: the motives for creating viruses

There are several motives behind the creation of viruses. The creator probably wants to test the evolutionary algorithm or explore the artificial life. Or it is conducted because the creator wants to show the personal amusement, political message, seek profit, and deny the service and sabotage. Get facts about computer programming here.

Facts about Computer Viruses 6: the economic damage

The economic damage because of viruses can reach billion dollars per year.

Computer Virus

Computer Virus

Facts about Computer Viruses 7: the effect of virus infection

The effect of virus infection is seen on the wasting computer resource, failure of system and increased coast of maintenance.

Facts about Computer Viruses 8: the free antivirus

The industry of antivirus software is decreased because of the development of free antivirus software.

Computer Viruses

Computer Viruses

Facts about Computer Viruses 9: the self-replicating computer programs

In 1949, John von Neumann created the first academic work related to the self replicating computer program.

Facts about Computer Viruses 10: The first computer viruses

In the beginning of 1970s, there was a virus detected on the ARPANET. It was called Creeper virus. Bob Thomas was the creator of the virus who made it in 1971 at BBN Technologies.

Facts about Computer Viruses

Facts about Computer Viruses

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