10 Facts about Douglas Engelbart

Thursday, November 3rd 2016. | Technology

Facts about Douglas Engelbart present the information about the American inventor and engineer. Engelbart was born on 30th January 1925 and died on 2nd January 2013. People also recognize him as a pioneer of internet and early computer.  When he was in Augmentation Research Center Lab in SRI International, Engelbart developed a device, which increased interaction between computer and human being. His work was very important for it led into the development of hypertext, invention of computer mouse, graphical user interface and networked computer. Let us check other interesting facts about Engelbart below:

Facts about Douglas Engelbart 1: Engelbart’s Law

His name was used to call Engelbart’s Law. The law talks about the exponential intrinsic rate of human performance.

Facts about Douglas Engelbart 2: Engelbart in 1950s

Engelbart was offered some steady jobs like a job at Ames Research Center in NASA. However, he rejected the offer and wanted to have a job, which could increase the life of the people in the world in the beginning of 1950s. Get facts about deep web here.

douglas engelbart facts

douglas engelbart facts

Facts about Douglas Engelbart 3: the future knowledge

Engelbart believed that the future knowledge, which would help the worker, was computer. Therefore, he wanted to improve the work by developing computers as a tool for automation.

Facts about Douglas Engelbart 4: the Augmentation Research Center

The Augmentation Research Center was developed under the guidance Engelbart. DARPA supported most of the funding for the research center.

facts about douglas engelbart

facts about douglas engelbart

Facts about Douglas Engelbart 5: the technologies

Many technologies had been developed by NLS. Those included the hypertext, bitmapped screens, and computer mouse.

Facts about Douglas Engelbart 6: the demonstration

The demonstration of those technologies took place in 1968 at the Mother of All Demos.

Facts about Douglas Engelbart 7: the Bootstrap Institute

The Bootstrap Institute was established by Engelbart and Christina in 1988. She was the daughter of Engelbart. Now the institute is called Doug Engelbart Institute.

Facts about Douglas Engelbart 8: the award

Engelbart received the highest technology award in United States called as the National Medal of Technology from US President Bill Clinton in December 2000. Check facts about databases here.

Facts about Douglas Engelbart 9: the early life

On 30 January 1925, Engelbart was born in Portland, Oregon. His mother was Gladys Charlotte Amelia Munson Engelbart, while his father was Carl Louis Engelbart.

Facts about Douglas Engelbart 10: hobbies

Engelbart would like to do folk dancing, camping and hiking during his spare time.

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