10 Facts about Covered Wagons

Friday, April 8th 2016. | Transportation

Check the interesting Facts about Covered Wagons in the following post below. During the pre-industrial America, it was considered as the dominant mean of transportation.  It was originated from the Colonial East where the people developed it from the heavy Conestoga wagon. The people who lived in the colonial East used this type of wagon to tackle the uneven and bumpy paths and roads in the area. Here are the other interesting covered wagon facts:

Facts about Covered Wagons 1: the American immigration

Since transportation was very important at that time, the covered wagon raised its popularity among the people in the east and west. Due to the American immigration, it was used by the people in the west.

Facts about Covered Wagons 2: the settlers

The settlers reached the west using their covered wagon for they wanted to look for the new future, gold or even land.

Covered Wagon Facts

Covered Wagon Facts

Facts about Covered Wagons 3: the pathway

The pathway to transport the covered wagon often accessed the Oregon Trail, Santa Fe Trail and Great Wagon Trail.

Facts about Covered Wagons 4: an icon

During the American West, the covered wagon was used as an icon which represented the era.

Facts about Covered Wagons

Facts about Covered Wagons

Facts about Covered Wagons 5: the legend

The legend during the American was romanticized by the dreamy depiction of the wagon trains and Prairie Schooner.

Facts about Covered Wagons 6: Prairie schooner

The board white canvas covers was often featured on the covered wagon drawing that people called Prairie schooner.

Covered Wagons

Covered Wagons

Facts about Covered Wagons 7: the horses

The people would need around 8 horses to pull the covered wagon. Therefore, the people had the special draft horses called Conestoga horse used to pull the wagon. The horse breed had the medium to large size. Get facts about Corvettes here.

Facts about Covered Wagons 8: the design of covered wagons

Let’s check the design of covered wagons. The bed featured the metal bows or wooden bows. Over the bed, you can spot the sturdy cloth or canvas.

Covered Wagon

Covered Wagon

Facts about Covered Wagons 9: the importance of covered cargo

The covered cargo is not only used to transport the people. It was used to transport the cargo. Find facts about canals here.

Facts about Covered Wagons 10: the rough transport

Riding the covered wagon was not always easy because of the lack suspension on this ride. The horses were used to pull the covered wagons which passed the good roads. The oxen were used to pull the wagon which passed the plains.

Covered Wagon Pictures

Covered Wagon Pictures

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