10 Facts about Darlington

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Facts about Darlington inform the people with the market town located in County Durham. In 2011, it was estimated that Darlington was a home for 106,000 people. During the Victorian era, the local Quaker family played a significant role for developing Darlington. The first passenger railway in the world is located in Darlington. It is the terminus of Stockton and Darlington railway. Let’s check other interesting facts about Darlington below:

Facts about Darlington 1: bridge building

Bridge building is one of the important engineering sectors in Darlington. Do you know that the bridges in River Amazon and River Nile were built in Darlington?

Facts about Darlington 2: the large engineering firm

Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company is considered as a large engineering firm located in Darlington. Some bridges built by the firm include the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Humber Bridge, Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge and the Tyne Bridge.

Darlington Image

Darlington Image

Facts about Darlington 3: other firms

The famous firms originated from Darlington included Whessoe and Darlington Forge Company. AMEC is another firm based in Darlington.

Facts about Darlington 4: the cinema

In United Kingdom, the most cinema seats per head were seen in Darlington in 1939. The Majestic was one of the old cinemas in Darlington. It was renovated in 2014. The upper floor will have a theatre and a restaurant. The lower floor includes a soft play area.

Darlington Pictures

Darlington Pictures

Facts about Darlington 5: King’s Hotel

Darlington is also a home to King’s Hotel. The fire damaged the building in August 2008. In 2012, the hotel was reopened.

Facts about Darlington 6: the current MP

Jenny Chapman from Labour party is the current MP of Darlington.



Facts about Darlington 7: the neighboring town

If you visit Darlington, you can also reach Stockton, Bishop Auckland and Newton Aycliffe. Those are the neighboring towns in Darlington.

Facts about Darlington 8: EE

There are 2,500 people hired in EE. It is considered as the largest private sector in Darlington. Student Finance England has 1,000 employees in the town. Get facts about Coventry here.

Facts about Darlington

Facts about Darlington

Facts about Darlington 9: the music festival

The famous music festival in Darlington is Rhythm’n’Brews festival. It will be held in fall season.

Facts about Darlington 10: the town center of Darlington

If you reach the town center of Darlington, you can enjoy different kinds of shopping experiences. Get facts about Damascus here.

Darlington Facts

Darlington Facts

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