10 Facts about Damascus

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Facts about Damascus talk about the capital city of Syria. Before the civil war, Damascus is considered as the second largest city in the country. The first one was taken by Aleppo. Aleppo cannot retain the position as the largest city in the country because of the battles in the city. Therefore, people consider Damascus as the largest one today. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Damascus below:

Facts about Damascus 1: the nickname

Do you know the nickname of Damascus? People often call it as the City of Jasmine. The Syrian people like to call it as ash-Sham.

Facts about Damascus 2: the population

Based on the report in 2009, Damascus was a home to 1,711,000 inhabitants. The city is very important in Syria for it is used as the religious and cultural center for the Levant.

Damascus Image

Damascus Image

Facts about Damascus 3: the history of Damascus

Damascus is not considered as a new city. It had been inhabited by the people since the old time. In the 2nd millennium BC, the city was settled for the first time. In 661 until 750, Damascus was appointed as the capital for Umayyad Caliphate.

Facts about Damascus 4: the geography of Damascus

The report in 2004 stated that 2.6 million people considered the first as a center of a metropolitan area. The location of Damascus is at south-western Syria. Damascus is a home to Barada River. The city experiences the rain shadow effect which leads into the semi arid climate.

Damascus City

Damascus City

Facts about Damascus 5: Damascus during Abbasid dynasty

During the Abbasid Dynasty, Damascus had reduced popularity in term of politics because the seat of Islamic power was relocated to Baghdad. During the Ayyubid and Mamluk periods, Damascus recovered the political significance.

Facts about Damascus 6: Damascus today

Today, Damascus is politically important because the government ministries and central government are seated here.

Facts about Damascus

Facts about Damascus

Facts about Damascus 7: a trade center

Damascus is economically important for all people in Syria because it serves as a trade center. Since 1955, there has been an international trade exposition hosted in the city every fall. Check facts about Copenhagen here.

Facts about Damascus 8: tourism

Actually Damascus has a wonderful tourism industry. But the civil war in the country makes the industry declines significantly.

Damascus Pictures

Damascus Pictures

Facts about Damascus 9: the attractive places

The Damascenes and European tourists have been attracted to visit Damascus since the beginning of 2000s because of the cafes and hotels in this old and historical city. Get facts about Dallas Texas here.

Facts about Damascus 10: the industrial activities

The chemical industries, cement, food processing and textile are some industries found in Damascus.

Damascus Pic

Damascus Pic

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