10 Facts about Coventry

Thursday, April 7th 2016. | Cities

Are you interested reading Facts about Coventry? The below post will tell you about one of the important cities in England.  In 15th century, Coventry became the capital of England.  At that time, the government officials were seated in the city. If you check Coventry based on the history, it is a part of Warwickshire. However, the location of the city is in county of West Midlands.

Facts about Coventry 1: the largest city

In United Kingdom, Coventry is considered as the 13th largest city. In England, it takes the record as the 10th largest city.

Facts about Coventry 2: the heritage of Coventry

Can you mention the heritage of Coventry? Those include St Mary’s Guildhall, Lady Godiva and Roman Fort at Baginton. Based on the report in 2014, the city was inhabited by 337.428 people. There is no need to wonder that it is called as the 2nd largest city in the county of West Midlands. The first largest city is taken by Birmingham.

Facts about Coventry

Facts about Coventry

Facts about Coventry 3: the first twin city

The first twin city in the world is Coventry. During the World War 2, Coventry and Stalingrad were considered as the twin cities.  Stalingrad was located in Russia. Today people call it Volgograd.

Facts about Coventry 4: Battle of Stalingrad

During the Battle of Stalingrad, they were the local people in Coventry who gave their support for the Soviet soldiers.



Facts about Coventry 5: the other twin cities

In the past, Coventry was only associated with Stalingrad. Now, it has many twin cities like Saint-Étienne, Lidice and Dresden.

Facts about Coventry 6: the universities

If you live in Coventry and want to pursue higher education, there are two major universities in the city. Both are the University of Warwick and Coventry University.

Coventry Skyline

Coventry Skyline

Facts about Coventry 7: the climate of Coventry

The winter season is mild, while the summer season in the city is cool. It has the maritime climate just like the regions in the Midlands and British Isles. In December 2010, Coventry experienced the lowest temperature at 12.6 degrees F.  Get facts about Copenhagen here.

Facts about Coventry 8: Philip Larkin

One of the famous poets who was born and raised in Coventry is Philip Larkin. Larkin’s father took the position as a Treasurer in the city.

Coventry Pictures

Coventry Pictures

Facts about Coventry 9: The Italian Job

The Italian Job is one of the famous movies in the world.  There was a scene which showed us Mini Coopers driving in sewers of Turin. Actually the filming location was in Coventry. Learn more about Cork City facts here.

Facts about Coventry 10: the venues for music, art and theatre

The venues for theatre, art and music performance in Coventry are located in Albany Theatre, Warwick Arts Centre, and Belgrade Theatre.

Coventry Facts

Coventry Facts

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