10 Facts about Deciduous Trees

Thursday, July 21st 2016. | Biology

If you are interested to know more about the fabulous trees, look at Facts about Deciduous Trees. Do you know the meaning of the word deciduous? It is tending to fall off or falling off at maturity. Therefore, the deciduous trees are characterized by their habit for losing the leaves seasonally. This condition usually takes place when the autumn season comes. After the fruits or flowers are ripe, other structures of tree may also fall off such as the petals. Here are other interesting facts about deciduous trees below:

Facts about Deciduous Trees 1: the meaning of deciduous

The word deciduous can be translated using a general sense. People often define it as an act of falling away the part after the purpose is completed or the part that is not needed anymore.

Facts about Deciduous Trees 2: what is the deciduous tree?

The deciduous plants include the herbaceous perennials, shrubs, and trees which lose of their leaves during a particular season annually.

Deciduous Tree

Deciduous Tree

Facts about Deciduous Trees 3: the process of losing the leaves

Abscission is a term used to call the process of losing the leaves.  In the polar or temperate climate, losing the leaves of deciduous trees coincide with the winter season.

Facts about Deciduous Trees 4: losing the leaves in other regions

Actually there are other types of trees in the world which also lose their leaves during the dry season. It can be seen in the arid, subtropical and tropical regions.

Facts about Deciduous Trees

Facts about Deciduous Trees

Facts about Deciduous Trees 5: the evergreen trees

The evergreen trees are the converse of deciduous trees because the leaves can be found all years.

Facts about Deciduous Trees 6: the semi deciduous trees

The semi deciduous trees are used to call the trees which lose their old leaves if the new growing season starts.

Deciduous Trees

Deciduous Trees

Facts about Deciduous Trees 7: oak

Oak is one of the deciduous trees. During the winter season, the desiccated leaves of some species of oak linger on the trees.

Facts about Deciduous Trees 8: why they are leafless?

The deciduous trees lose their leaves because they can enjoy the effective pollination. Find facts about Conker trees here.

Deciduous Trees Facts

Deciduous Trees Facts

Facts about Deciduous Trees 9: the risk of having leafless tree

Even though the tree can enjoy increased pollination, it is also risky to live without leaves in a certain period of time. The plant may experience water stress in the dry season area or the flowers may be damaged by the frost. Get facts about cutting down trees here.

Facts about Deciduous Trees 10: changing colors

During the autumn season, the leaves can be seen changing their colors in orange, brown and yellow.

Deciduous Trees Pictures

Deciduous Trees Pictures

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