10 Facts about Delia Smith

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Let me show you interesting information about a notable TV presenter and cook from England on Facts about Delia Smith. She was born on 18th June 1941. People always recognize Smith due to her a no –nonsense style when she taught basic cookery skills. There have been 21 million copies of her cookery books sold in the market. There is no need to wonder that she earns the title as the best selling cookery author in United Kingdom. Here are other interesting facts about Delia Smith:

Facts about Delia Smith 1: as a shareholder

Smith earned wide coverage from media due to her role at Norwich City F.C. as joint majority shareholder.

Facts about Delia Smith 2: the partner of Smith in the shareholding

Michal Wynn-Jones is Smith’s husband.  In the shareholding, he was Smith’s partner.

Delia Smith Facts

Delia Smith Facts

Facts about Delia Smith 3: the attention of media

The media view her role positively and negatively.   Smith made a negative movement in 2005 when she decided to have a controversial on-pitch announcement. She earned a positive trademark after she saved the club from bankruptcy.

Facts about Delia Smith 4: the contribution

Smith makes a great deal of contribution to recipe writing as well as TV cookery. There is no need to wonder that she is a recipient of OBE or Officer of the Order of the British Empire and CBE or Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

Delia Smith Pictures

Delia Smith Pictures

Facts about Delia Smith 5: the place of birth

The birthplace of Smith was in Woking, Surrey. Her mother is Welsh. When she was 16 years old, she left Bexleyheath School without having a single GCE O-level.

Facts about Delia Smith 6: before cookery career

Before Smith ended up in cookery career, she did various jobs as a hairdresser and shop assistance. She also previously worked in a travel agency. Check facts about culinary arts here.

Facts about Delia Smith

Facts about Delia Smith

Facts about Delia Smith 7: the food of Smith

The food of Smith tasted good based on her boyfriend’s opinion when she was 16 years old. She earned this compliment.

Facts about Delia Smith 8:  the beginning of her cookery career

Smith worked in “The Singing Chef”, a small restaurant in Paddington when she was 21 years old.

Delia Smith

Delia Smith

Facts about Delia Smith 9: as a cookery writer

Smith was hired as a cookery writer for a new magazine of Daily Mirror in 1969.

Facts about Delia Smith 10: the first piece of Smith

Cheesecake, beef in beer and kipper pate were found on the first piece of Smith. Find facts about dark chocolate here.

Delia Smith Pic

Delia Smith Pic

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