10 Facts about Derek Bentley

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Facts about Derek Bentley show the reader with detail information about an English man hanged because he was accused for murdering a policeman.  During the burglary attempt, the policeman was killed. Bentley was born on 30th June 1933 and died on 28th January 1953. At that time, it was believed that Christopher Craig committed the murder. He was the accomplice and friend of Bentley who was then 16 years old. Check other interesting facts about Derek Bentley below:

Facts about Derek Bentley 1: who had the fatal shot?

It was in big a question on who did the fatal shot which murdered the policeman. The English law called the condition of Bentley at that time as the joint enterprise for he was convicted as a part to a murder.

Facts about Derek Bentley 2: Bentley and his trial

Bentley was found guilty by the jury during the trial. There was an allegation that Bentley gave Craig an instruction “ Let him have it”. This phase was interpreted ambiguously during the prosecution.

Derek Bentley facts

Derek Bentley facts

Facts about Derek Bentley 3: Lord Chief Justice Goddard

Bentley was guilty because of his role for mentally helping the murder of Sidney Miles, the Police Constable. It was based on the statement of Lord Chief Justice Goddard.

Facts about Derek Bentley 4: the death sentence

Bentley was sentenced to death by Goddard. At that time, it was not possible for the chief justice to give another sentence.

Facts about Derek Bentley

Facts about Derek Bentley

Facts about Derek Bentley 5: posthumous pardon

There were many people who believed that Bentley should receive a posthumous pardon. That’s why the campaign was conducted for more than 45 years. In 1993, the pardon was finally given to Bentley. In 1998, the murder conviction to Bentley was erased after a further long campaign.

Facts about Derek Bentley 6: the education history of Bentley

Bentley failed the 11-plus examination. Therefore, he was enrolled to Norbury Manor Secondary Modern School in 1944.

Derek Bentley Image

Derek Bentley Image

Facts about Derek Bentley 7: theft

Bentley was involved in a theft with another boy in March 1948. Then he had to serve at Kingswood Approved School for three years due to his act in September 1948. Find facts about David Walker here.

Facts about Derek Bentley 8: health and problems

Bentley had a broken nose with three fits when he was involved in a childhood accident.  The diagnostic test performed by Kingswood Training School stated that Bentley had a 10 years and 4 months mental age even though he was 15.5 years old.

Derek Bentley News

Derek Bentley News

Facts about Derek Bentley 9: an IQ test

In December 1948, he had an IQ test which he scored 66. In 1952, he scored 77. Find facts  about Dennis Potter here.

Facts about Derek Bentley 10: Let Him Have It

There was a book called Let Him Have It (1990) which centered on the inconsistencies of police related to the murdering event.

Derek Bentley Pic

Derek Bentley Pic

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