10 Facts about Desert Climate

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Let me show you some interesting Facts about Desert Climate in the following post below. A region is classified as a desert climate if the precipitation level is super low so that the area cannot sustain any vegetation.  It is identified as BWn, BWk or BWh in the Koppen climate classification. The precipitation level of the area with desert climate is only 7.87 inches or 25 to 200 mm annually. In some cases, the precipitation does not occur at all.

Facts about Desert Climate 1: evapotranspiration

Evapotranspiration takes place on the area with desert climate. It has the precipitation level more than 200 mm. however; it loses more water because of evapotranspiration.

Facts about Desert Climate 2: the examples of evapotranspiration

Evapotranspiration occurs in various areas in the world such as Alice Springs, Arizona and Tucson.

Desert Climate

Desert Climate

Facts about Desert Climate 3: the variations of desert climate

The desert climate is available in two or three variations. A mild desert climate is classified as BWh/BWn. The cold desert climate is BWk. BWh is used to define the hot desert climate.

Facts about Desert Climate 4: isotherms

There are three isotherms used to define the cold desert climate and hot desert climate. In the coldest month, it has the mean temperature at 0 degree C or -3 degrees C. The annual mean temperature is 10 degrees C.

Desert Climate Pictures

Desert Climate Pictures

Facts about Desert Climate 5: precipitation threshold

Precipitation threshold should be checked to find out whether a certain area has a desert climate or not.

Facts about Desert Climate 6: Hot desert climates

The hot desert climate is mainly characterized due to the unbroken sunshine all year around. It can be found on the areas located under the subtropical ridge.

Desert Climate Pic

Desert Climate Pic

Facts about Desert Climate 7: the locations of the area with hot desert climate

The horse latitude is used to call the areas of hot desert climate. They lie between 30 degrees south and 20 degrees north latitude.

Facts about Desert Climate 8: the hot desert climate characteristics

The sunny, hot and dry conditions are spotted on the hot desert climate all year around. Look at facts about Arabian Desert here.

Desert Animal Pictures

Desert Animal Pictures

Facts about Desert Climate 9: the maximum temperature

The maximum temperature of desert climate can reach 104 degrees F or 40 degrees C. In the hottest region, it can reach 113 degrees F or 45 degrees C.

Facts about Desert Climate 10: night-time temperatures

During the nighttime, the temperature drops significantly. It reaches 86 degrees F or 30 degrees C. Check facts about Atacama Desert here.

Facts about Desert Climate

Facts about Desert Climate

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