10 Facts about Desert Plants

Thursday, August 18th 2016. | Plants

Let me show some interesting floras which can live in the dry environment on Facts about Desert Plants. The arid environment is characterized with the presence of constant sunlight, lack of water and extreme changes of temperature during the day and night. That’s why the plants are challenged in order to live in the desert. Here are other interesting facts about desert plants to notice:

Facts about Desert Plants 1: the problems faced by the plants

The plants which live in the desert have several problems to solve related to the reproduction process, how to avoid the herbivores and how to get water.

Facts about Desert Plants 2: the growth

The growth of plants in the desert is mainly affected by the photosynthesis. This process can be performed by the plants during the day. However, the temperature in the desert is extremely hot.

Desert Plant

Desert Plant

Facts about Desert Plants 3: conservation of water

The desert plants focus more on conserving water because they cannot live without water. Evapotranspiration will be occurred if the plants open their stomata to catch the carbon dioxide. Therefore, crassulacean acid metabolism is adopted by some plants in the deserts. They can catch the carbon dioxide during the night by opening their stomata. When the day comes, the stomata will be closed.

Facts about Desert Plants 4: the size of desert plants

Most plants which live in deserts have small shaped leaves. Some plants neglect the need to have leaves.

Facts about Desert Plants

Facts about Desert Plants

Facts about Desert Plants 5: cacti

One of the best examples of desert plants is cactus. The plant can store their water in the modified cellular structure. The trunks are filled with chlorophyll. 

Facts about Desert Plants 6: the rainfalls

The plants will use their shallow roots to absorb the water from the rainfalls. The water will be stored which make the plants live for months or even years until the next rainfalls.

Desert Plant Images

Desert Plant Images

Facts about Desert Plants 7: Sonoran Desert

If you visit Sonoran Desert, you can find the giant saguaro cacti. There are desert birds and other plants nesting around the cacti. It forms a forest like environment in the desert. Even though the growth of saguaro cacti is very slow, their life span reaches 200 years. Get facts about deserts here.

Facts about Desert Plants 8: the presence of cacti

Most cacti are found in the deserts in North America. However, the same strategy to survive in other deserts is spotted on the xerophytic plants.

Desert Plants

Desert Plants

Facts about Desert Plants 9: the adaptations

The adaptation of desert plants are characterized by the tiny or hairy leaves, waxy coating and reduced number of stomata. Find facts about Atacama desert here.

Facts about Desert Plants 10: the saltbush

The salt crystals are excreted from the leaves of saltbush so that it can adapt the saline area in Australia.

Desert Plant Pictures

Desert Plant Pictures

Are you impressed after reading facts about desert plants?

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